Wednesday, March 31, 2010



On Saturday April 10th there will be a half day field trip to photograph the daffodils at Laurel Ridge in Northfield CT, near Thomaston . There are beautiful open fields of thousands of daffodils. Bring your tripods and your photographic eye. Trip is being led by Ann and Art Yost and Bob and Laura Parisi.

We will meet at the commuter parking lot at Exit 58 off the Merritt Parkway at 8:15 AM. This is the exit heading toward Derby. We will be carpooling from there. If you prefer not to drive, please arrange to go with someone and let us know. We will stop at a local restaurant for lunch after we shoot.

Please email Ann Yost if you plan to go at Or call at 203-931-9943. All members of the New Haven Camera Club are welcome.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Proposed slate of officers for the 2010-2011 Season

Proposed slate of officers for the 2010-2011 Season

The nominating committee consisting of Lisa Cuchara, Ann Yost and Harold Sisken (Chairman) propose the following slate of Officers for the New Haven Camera Club 2010-2011 season.

President: Lisa Cuchara
Vice President Inside Competition: Paul Peterson
Vice President Outside Competition: Bill Barnett
Secretary: Mary Ellen O’Donnell
Treasurer: Jo-Ann Messina

The election of officers will be at the April 12th meeting.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Read the article by our next speaker Gary Melnysyn

Wondrous Wintering Owls of New England

Read the article by our next speaker Gary Melnysyn here:

Gary Melnysyn resides in Connecticut and is mainly a wildlife photographer. His work is featured in Outdoor Photographer Magazine, and he's a frequent contributor to the Connecticut Audubon with images of Connecticut raptors. Gary exhibits his work in local New England galleries and establishments. To see more of his photographs and writing, visit

Gary is an avid outdoor enthusiast and has been interested in wildlife from a very young age. As a certified Master Naturalist and Master Wildlife Conservationist he has led and narrated eco tours as well as taught adults and children alike about the coastal ecosystem of Florida and the wildlife of New England’s woods. In his travels throughout North and Central America he has concentrated on digitally documenting a variety of wildlife species. A self-taught photographer, Gary’s travels have taken him from the far reaches of Alaska, across the Canadian tundra, through the wilderness of Montana and Wyoming, southward to the shores of the Sea of Cortez, through the Great Divide and deep woods of Maine. His passion for photography combined with his wildlife background results in stunning wildlife images. Gary is affiliated with a variety of professional organizations and has received various awards. He was most recently an Honoree in the George W. Glennie Nature Exhibition.

National Geographic Magazine – Editors Pick for
Gray Whales of the Mexican Baja – Nature Photographers Magazine
Maine – From the Coast to Katahdin – Nature Photographers Magazine
Outdoor Photographer Magazine
Nature Photography Magazine – Field Contributor
Connecticut Audubon Web Gallery – Field Contributor

Friday, March 19, 2010

second PSA Nature competition

Dear Club Members,

The following entries were used to represent the club in the second PSA Nature competition:

Yellowstone Deer 11 Andrey Antov
Great Blue Heron and Chick 12 Linda Thomas
Monarch 11 Joan Balen
Orangutan Mother 9 William Barnett
Baby Great Horned Owl 11 Lisa Cuchara
Cedar Waxwing with Crabapple 12 Award Gary Prestash

For this competition each judge voted 1 to 5 for a total of 3 to 15. We are in Class A for this competition.

For this competition we earned 66 points putting us in a 4-way tie for second with Greater Lynn, Exploring Light, and Camera Naturalist CC. The Saguaro Camera Club finished in first place with 68 points. Overall for the year Boston West Photographic Society and Greater Lynn Photographic Association are tied for first with 141 points, the Camera Naturalist Camera Club is in second with 139 points, and Saguaro Camera club is in 3rd place with 137 points. We have a total of 133 points.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

NHCC competition deadline is tomorrow

Our next NHCC competition deadline is tomorrow. Your images must be emailed to before midnight March 19th.
Please see the NHCC Blog and/or the NHCC handbook for instructions.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Executive Board of the NHCC summary

The Executive Board of the NHCC met this week and we decided to publicize a summary of the meeting for the club members. If there are any questions, please contact Ann Yost, President.
Summary of meeting 3/10/10
  • Denise Saldana was welcomed as the new Publicity Chairperson.
  • Minutes and Treasurers reports were reviewed and approved. We have slightly less money than last year at this time but we are still OK financially.
  • Rent was increased slightly but it still seems reasonable and we have been able to afford it.
  • Small requests for money were reviewed and approved.
    The server needs to be moved and will be moved to another site at no cost; it will be able to handle the size of our web page.
  • Program and workshop ideas were shared and we are looking for further ideas of outside speakers since we had several club members volunteer to do a program for 2010-11.
  • Lisa presented a draft proposal for Service Awards which would recognize participation in addition to winning ribbons. Recognition of some sort will be given (in Sept 2010) to those members completing the entire season (Sept 09-May 10) of competition (16 prints and/or 16 digital images and/or 10-16 assigned subject images). There was much discussion with ideas for modifications. A small group (Ann, Tom, Lisa, Denise) will meet separately with Lisa to determine how to implement this concept which most felt was positive and a way to involve new members. If you would like to be on this group please see Lisa or Ann.
  • The last Centennial Committee canceled a recent meeting due to weather. New one to be held March 30th. Discussion of special assignment needs to be continued as original ideas was to tie the category to an event in each decade of our 100 years. No decision made until next meeting.
  • Judging/judges was discussed at request of some members. Art will contact judges individually rather than going through the judges chairperson. Also we will sponsor a small workshop in the Fall for local camera clubs on judging - training, guidelines etc. in hopes to add some new well-trained judges to the list.
  • Discussion of distributing our membership list to everyone and vote was not to do this.
    NECCC Courtesy Enrollment. One person has expressed interest in going to NECCC conference for the first time. We will announce again at the next meeting and if no one comes forward, we will go ahead with our applicant. Also a high school student who is a member of our club expressed interest in applying to be selected as one of 6 high school students to go to NECCC.
  • Several ideas were presented for field trips - Rockport, MA; Eastern State Penitentiary linked with Longwood Gardens and Winterthur; Garden in the Woods.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

February competition scores have been posted

The scores for the February competition have been posted on our website:

The scores are now posted on our website.

Thank you Bill for creating the image galleries from January's competition images. You can view them on the NHCC website under images:

Saturday, March 13, 2010

NECCC Courtesy Enrollment

If you have never been to the NECCC conference it is well worth it!!!

If you are have never been and are interested please see or email our president Ann Yost and let her know. If there is only one person eligible/interested then that person gets our club courtesy enrollment. If there is more than one person then the names go into a bag and one name is drawn.

New England Camera Club Council (NECCC) -- NECCC Courtesy Enrollment

● Receive a complimentary conference registration!

The New England Camera Club Council, Inc. invites each NECCC member camera club to select one of their camera club members to receive free registration to the next annual NECCC conference, held at U-Mass, Amherst, Mass. on July 16-18, 2010. The complimentary registration gives the person submitted by your club all the learning experiences, photo opportunities and inspirational programs that go along with the conference. Please note that the enrollment covers only the registration fee. The recipient will be responsible for his or her own room, meals and transportation.

Rules governing the courtesy enrollment

1. Candidates must be at least eighteen years of age as of July 1, 2010
2. A candidate must be a member of an NECCC member club in good standing (i.e. club dues paid for the current year).
3. Candidates must have never attended a previous NECCC conference.
4. Selection of the candidates will be the responsibility of the individual clubs.
5. Applications may be made by email to the club president with the same information.
Applications will not be accepted after the deadline April 15, 2010.
6. The application cannot be transferred to another person. Once someone has been submitted, accepted, and has received their key paper work, that person must register for the conference. If he or she cannot attend, another person cannot take his or her place. The club’s courtesy enrollment for that year will be forfeited.
7. NECCC’s decision in all matters relating to this courtesy enrollment will be final.

For 2010 we would like to receive all applications by email. Simply email us:
1: The club name, city & state
2: President’s or Rep’s name, address, phone no. & email address
3: The candidate’s name, address, phone no. & email address
Email all information to by April 15, 2010.

Accepted candidates will be contacted by May 1, 2010, with further registration information.
Upon acceptance recipient will be supplied with a special registration form to complete and mail in, (do not use standard form).

Friday, March 12, 2010

March competition deadline is just one week away

March competition deadline is just one week away

Our next NHCC competition deadline is just now one week away.Your images must be emailed to before midnight March 19th.

Easy Directions for Filing, Sizing, Titling Images for Competition

Photographs must be submitted as JPEG images with the .jpg extension. Convert the photograph to the sRGB color space. Your images may already be in that color space. If the color of your images seems off when they are projected, you may want to check this. Our projector requires that images be no more than 1024 WIDE and no more than 768 HIGH. (If you submit a vertical image, it will typically be approximately 500 wide to allow it to be 768 high.) See illustrations.

Images which are vertical or square will be smaller than horizontal images.

Titles - Please use the following format. Class&Image Number

$LastName$FirstName$Title$Year-month (numeral).jpg


S is used for the assigned subject.

Do not leave any spaces. Use the underline character “_”instead of spaces.

Note: Your computer may automatically put .jpg at the end of the title. If that is the case, you should not put .jpg at the end or you will end up with .jpg.jpg

Look carefully at your completed title to make sure that it is correct.

Have you used the dollar sign $ to separate fields?Have you used the underline “_” between words in the title?Are the year and month correct?Does it end in .jpg ? Attach your images to an email and send to

Organization Hint: Make a folder for NHCC Possible Comp images. These should be duplicates of your better photographs. Make another folder for NHCC Competition 2009-10. Don’t put anything into this folder unless it is sized correctly and titled correctly. When you open this folder, all of your images will be in the same format and you can simply copy what you havepreviously done.

I hope this helps. Paul Peterson

If you need help entering the digital competition for the first time please see a current member.These directions are very simple to do, but sometimes simple things appear complicated when written down. Ever try to write down directions to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich? Showing someone is much easier.

For information on the assigned subject competition see

Our handbook with the complete rules and instructions can be found on the NHCC website:


1. Must be brought in by 7:15 in order for the print handlers to have time to write the titles on the score sheets and organize the prints

2. Prints must be between 8 by 10 inches and 16 by 20 inches.

3. Prints must be mounted on mat board or foam core board. Any size mat board or foam core board is allowed up to 16"x20".

4. Prints may be matted conventionally or electronically as long as the maximum dimensions are not exceeded.

5. On the back of each print clearly print your name and address, title, order designation (1 or 2), and an arrow indicating which edge is the top. This information may be printed on one or more labels affixed to the back if you prefer not to write on the mount.

Please note: If you are submitting make-up photographs, use the year and month of the competition being made up rather than the year and month of the competition into which entered. If entering make-up photographs for the October 2008 competition in the January 2009 competition, the year and month should be “2008-10”, not “2009-01”.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Paul's workshop this morning

Paul gave a great workshop this morning. There were 'old' and new members at this workshop which made it especially great. The best way to get involved in the camera club and meet people is through events like these...

Diffused light, a simple (one plane) flower, a background, a tripod and a macro lens on your camera and you are all set!
Carmel also served a great breakfast (helped to get me out of bed!!).

I bet she did not expect that her food would turn into props though. Tom spent some time shooting his waffle before he ate it. I also saw Guay helping him with the plastic to diffuse the light.

Jackie played a big part in motivating Tom to take the waffle photos.

Here are two images that I took at the workshop using different backgrounds that Paul had. Both were taken at f22 with my Canon 7D and Sigma 150mm macro lens.

Joan (the most awesome workshop organizer since I have been in the club) was wearing a tshirt with a sentiment that I agree with "Good Morning is an oxymoron" love it!! The workshop was great even though it was so early in the morning and we thank Paul for hosting it!

Even Sparky became a subject as people tried to capture his portrait.

Have an idea for a workshop ? Then please see Joan at one of our meetings...