Monday, June 23, 2008

NHCC 'End of the Year' competition images

All of the electronic 'End of the Year' competition images have been posted on our NHCC website (class A, class B, plus both honor awards)

Friday, June 20, 2008


I just received the names of the End of Year Competition winning images (and their makers).

For those of you that missed the banquet you missed seeing some awesome photographs! The food was good and the company even better! There were sooo many great images and I always love this end of year exhibition because we get to see all those great images side by side.



1st Place – Print of the Year Barbara Vietzke Monday Morning Wash Day

2nd Place Lisa Cuchara Osprey Male With Flounder Dinner

3rd Place Lisa Cuchara Heron and Sunrise


1st Place – Slide of the Year Ken Kwan Ruby Beach Evening

2nd Place Ken Kwan Cape Bon Ami

3rd Place Andrey Antov Sardinian Sunset


1st Place Richard Asarisi Annas

2nd Place Gary Prestash Cedar Waxwing With Crabapple

3rd Place Andrey Antov Diana’s Baths 2


1st Place Bob Parisi Bass Harbor Lighthouse

Electronic Image of the Year

2nd Place Susan Naumann Keeping Watch

3rd Place Joan Balen New Day Dawning


Bob Parisi Bass Harbor Lighthouse


Vic Krasenics Green Heron With Moth #1

Here are the winners from our entire year. We compete 16 images but the scores from the lowest four are dropped and then the 'Best of 12' is used to determine the winner of the Highest Cumulative Score Award in each category/class.Highest Cumlative Scores (Best of 12)

Electronic A -- Gary Prestash 321 points (Best of 12 AVG = 26.75)

Electronic B -- Joan Balen 302 points (Best of 12 AVG = 25.17)

Prints A -- Barbara Vietzke 312 points (Best of 12 AVG = 26.00)

Prints B -- Fred Rosenthal 280 points (Best of 12 AVG = 23.33)

Slides -- Linda Thomas 305 points (Best of 12 AVG = 25.42)

Electronic S (Assigned Subject) Barbara Vietzke 14 points

Congratulations to all the winners!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Haven Camera Club Blog goes LIVE!!!

Hello! Welcome!

The New Haven Camera Club has not been able to find a volunteer to write a formal bulletin or newsletter. I now will be disseminating information via this Blog

Please check it out!!!

Please put a comment on the Photo Blog and let me know what you think.

(1) You will only receive one email per day from the Blog (after you subscribe) and only when it is updated. No updates, no emails. 10 posts in one day, one email.

(2) I can even post to the Blog when I am on vacation

(3) all of the posts will be archived creating a reference for future use

(4) you can search the blog to find things (like where and when was was that daffodil trip)

(5) members in charge of other activities (for example field trips) can email me information which can be copied and pasted to the Blog

(6) you can leave comments (they will be moderated just to make sure that we don't get viagra ads, etc. posted)

(7) there is an icon at the bottom of each post which enables you to email the post to friends, etc.

(8) There is a box in the upper left corner, enter your email address in the box, verify and then you will be subscribed! Easy! Your emails will arrive once a day only when the Photo Blog has been updated.

(9) You can handle your own subscription, subscribe, unsubscribe, become inactive when you go on vacation, etc. The information on how to do so (via the web and via snail mail) is on the bottom of every email that you will receive.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

NHCC End of Year Banquet

Yesterday the New Haven Camera Club had their end of the year banquet at Eli's on Whitney Avenue in Hamden. The food was good and the company even better!

Everything went very smoothly and we got out much earlier than ever before. Part of that recognition goes to our 3 wonderful judges who very efficiently weeded out the best of the best.

Thanks Lisa, Carmine and Rick!!

They had a tough job with prints, slides, electronic and two honor awards. There were sooo many great images and I always love this end of year exhibition because we get to see all those great images side by side.

Congratulations goes out to Bob Parisi whose image "Bass Harbor Lighthouse" won electronic image of the year. This was especially significant because the photo was taken on a NHCC field trip and also because Bob is in Class B.

I do not have the list of winners yet but I remember that Barbara Vietzke's image of Venice won 1st place in A prints. I will post the complete list of winners as soon as the list is forwarded to me.