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Friday, March 16, 2012

The deadline for the next competition is Friday March 23rd

The deadline for the next competition is Friday March 23rd. Please see the handbook, the competitions tab on the NHCC Blog and the NHCC Blogpost from 9/18 for more details.

Easy Directions for Filing, Sizing, Titling Images
for Competition

Photographs must be submitted as JPEG images
with the .jpg extension.

Convert the photograph to the sRGB color space. Your images may already be in that color space. If the color of your images seems off when they are projected, you may want to check this.

Our projector requires that images be no more than 1024 WIDE and no more than 768 HIGH. (If you submit a vertical image, it will typically be approximately 500 wide to allow it to be 768 high.) See illustrations.

From looking at the illustrations, you can see that images which are vertical or square will be smaller than horizontal images.

Titles - Please use the following format.

Class$Image Number$LastName$FirstName$Title$Year-month (numeral).jpg


S is used for the assigned subject.
C is used for the new Image Artistry category.

Do not leave any spaces. Use the underline character “_”instead of spaces.

Note: Your computer may automatically put .jpg at the end of the title. If that is the case, you should not put .jpg at the end or you will end up with .jpg.jpg

Look carefully at your completed title to make sure that it is correct.
Have you used the dollar sign $ to separate fields?
Have you used the underline “_” between words in the title?
Are the year and month correct?
Does it end in .jpg ?

Attach your images to an email and send to
Organization Hint: Make a folder for NHCC Possible Comp images. These should be duplicates of your better photographs. Make another folder for NHCC Competition 2011-12. Don’t put anything into this folder unless it is sized correctly and titled correctly. When you open this folder, all of your images will be in the same format and you can simply copy what you have previously done.

Remember, the number of entries per contest has changed this year. Please note the numbers in each category below. (from the NHCC Handbook)
9. Number of entries per contest:

a. Each member may enter a maximum of 2 photographs into the print competition in each of the 8 contests, for a year's total of 16 entries.

b. Each member may enter a maximum of 2 photographs into the open electronic competition in each of the 8 contests, for a year's total of 16 open electronic entries.

c. Each member may enter a maximum of 1 photograph into assigned subject in each of the 8 contests, for a year's total of 8 assigned subject entries.

d. Each member may enter a maximum of 1 photograph into image artistry competition in each of the 8 contests, for a year's total of 8 image artistry entries.

I hope this helps. Paul Peterson

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

NHCC 'Your Gear' workshop

NHCC 'Your Gear' workshop

Here's a chance to share with your fellow photographers the photo gear you are most pleased with, be it camera bodies, lenses, flash, or those other little gizmos that really help when making photographs. You can also share things that come under the category of "What WAS I thinking". To discuss larger gear, you might want to bring a photo of it if it would be too large to haul.

For folks who are newer to photography, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn first hand, from folks who really use this equipment, what are must-haves and which sit on the shelf most of the time.

This will also be an opportunity to try to sell gear you are no longer using. Bring it along, with a price tag and your name and we'll put it all on a table for folks to peruse. This will between you and whoever is interested in the gear to work out price, etc.
The workshop will be held on Saturday, May 12th @ 1PM at the photo studio of the Castigliones in North Branford. Address and directions will be sent to those that sign up approximately one week before the workshop.

To sign up, please email Joan at Please include your name, phone number and email address.
Please note that while anyone can attend our programs and monthly meetings, you must be a paid member ni order to attend our workshops and field trips...

Saturday, March 10, 2012



Spring is coming and the Trips Committee has planned several field trips to get us out of the house and behind the camera lens again! Below are the trips - you may sign up at a meeting or via email
to Ann Yost She will send the final details closer to the event. Please watch the blog for further trips!

Saturday March 24th

New York Botanical Gardens
Orchid Show
Depart at 8:30 AM - carpooling

Saturday May 19th (rain date May 20th)

Southwick Zoo
Mendon, Mass.

Saturday June 23rd (rain date 6/24)

Bronx Zoo
Bronx, NY

Often the group stops for dinner on the way home from the field trip. These plans will be made with the people going on the trip. Come on out and get to know some new club members and take advantage of the opportunity to shoot some interesting subjects!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Black Light... a hands on workshop

Black Light... a hands on workshop March 12th

by Cindy Gosselin

Blacklight workshop on March 12. 
This is a hands-on workshop. 
Advise attendees to bring their camera and tripods. 
And, if they have any subject matter that they would like to bring, this is welcome as well. 
Cindy will introduce the concepts for the first 5-10 minutes and then send everyone on their way to compose the images that they want.  She said that she loves seeing everyone's creativity. 

She plans on brining enough blackligh tubes and backdrops for at least two setups. This would hopefully give everyone enough time to develop their own compositions and to use their creativity with the subject matter that she has. 

NECCC Scholarship application due 3/15

NECCC Scholarship application due 3/15

New England Camera Club Council, Incorporated

The purpose of the scholarship is to make funds available either by a direct grant and/or by a loan (interest free or otherwise) to an individual majoring in Photography at an accredited educational institution, pursuant to the procedures herein established.

2. PUBLICITY OF AVAILABILITY OF SCHOLARSHIP: The organization shall publicize the availability of the scholarships. In this connection, the Selection Committee may select any procedure reasonably calculated to reach all or a portion of the general public, including without limitation advertising in the public media or in member club bulletins, or notifying various educational institutions, governmental bodies or any other organization of the availability of the scholarship.

3. APPLICATION FORMS: Once an interested applicant becomes known, the Selection Committee shall require such applicant to disclose such information as the Selection Committee may reasonably decide is necessary to ascertain the basic criteria for selecting applicants as hereinafter provided in Paragraph 4.

4. BASIC CRITERIA FOR SELECTING ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS: The following criteria or any portion thereof (as the Selection Committee in its discretion may reasonably decide) shall be used in selecting the recipients of the scholarships:

A. Financial Need: The applicant’s need for financial assistance.

B: Character: The Selection Committee’s determination of the applicant’s moral character and motivations on the basis of its personal interview or other data obtained on the applicant.

C. Other Accomplishments: Any other accomplishments of the applicant tending to show his or her capacity to use the scholarship successfully and demonstrate a sincere interest in pursuing the study of photography.

5. LIMITATIONS ON APPLICANT: The following limitations shall apply with respect to the applicant:

A. The applicant must reside in the geographical area of New England.

B. The recipient of such scholarship must be enrolled at the time of the award (or immediately thereafter) as a full time student at an educational institution. An educational institution as used in Selection Procedure shall mean an educational institution having courses leading to at least a two year major in photography which is accredited by a State or its political sub- division and which institution maintains a regular faculty and curriculum and has a regular body of students in attendance.

C. The applicant must agree to obligate him or herself to comply with the progress of reporting requirements as established by the Selection Committee.

6. LIMITATIONS ON SELECTION COMMITTEE: The following rules shall apply to the Selection Committee:

A. No member of the selection Committee shall derive any private benefit (directly or indirectly) if certain recipients are selected over others.

B. The dollar amount of the scholarship for any one year shall not exceed the anticipated educational expenses of the applicant.

C. There shall be no discrimination in the selection process on the basis of sex, religion, color, race or national origin, and all rules or decisions of the Selection Committee shall be applied consistently.


After selection and payment of the scholarship is made, the Selection Committee shall obtain the final report from the student upon completion of his studies.

B. The Selection Committee may investigate any jeopardized scholarship. If the investigation reveals that the scholarship was not used as intended, the organization shall have a duty to withhold future payments, make efforts to recover any amounts so improperly used by the recipient, and before any other payment is made, make a reasonable effort to see that further abuse will not be continued.


Distribution of amounts available will be at the discretion of the committee.

B. Payments shall be to the approved college or university (recipient’s choice, as noted on application) during the month of September.

1. The applicant must be a legal resident of one of the New England States.

2. The applicant must have been accepted in or continuing in, a program leading to a degree in some aspect of photography in an accredited school or institute. The degree program may be either a two or four year program. The degree program can be at the undergraduate level or graduate level.
A certificate is not a degree and does not meet this requirement.

3. The application must be processed through a Camera Club affiliated with NECCC. (I can help with this if the student is not associated with such a club.)

4. The applicant should submit
current letters of recommendation, references and other such statements concerning work, school and professional achievements. These should be from teachers, professors, clergy and other associates who know and have worked with the applicant.

5. A letter written by the applicant should be submitted. This letter should tell us about you, the student --- what you have done in the photographic field, what you have done academically, what your goals are, how you plan to achieve them and what other interests you may have. We would like to get some insight about the applicant through this letter.

6. Include an
official transcript of the applicant's recent grades; college if recent and high school if college is not applicable.

7. Submit a statement, attested to by an official of the school being attended, declaring that the student has been accepted into the degree program and what degree will be conferred.

8. Submit a brief statement of need for financial assistance. Do not submit family income, tax statements or other confidential information.
9. Please submit a disc with 15 to 20 images of your work so we can review a mini-portfolio of your work

10. The deadline for completed applications to be received by the Committee Chairman is March 15th
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Antoinette Gombeda, HonNEC
817 Chickadee Lane
Stratford, CT 06614
Phone: 203-377-4914


Scholarship Program


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Monochrome Images for Council Challenge

Dear Club Reps,

Last year I asked you to help me recruit monochrome images from which NECCC could choose its entry for the monochrome category of the 2011 Council Challenge competition. The support of you and your membership was outstanding providing a body of work containing almost 200 images. From that we were able to choose an entry that won first place in the monochrome category. In fact NECCC also won the color category and was in second place in the print category. NECCC also won the competition overall. A big thank you to all who supplied monochrome images. If you would like to see a slide show of the winning images go to

We are now planning to try and replicate our success for 2012. As in previous years we will choose our color category entry from the winning and HM images from our three 2011-2012 interclub competitions. If there are any monochrome images that win or receive an HM in one of the 3 competitions we will consider them for possible entry in the monochrome category. However, since very few monochrome images are entered in the interclub competition we are again asking you and your members to supply monochrome images to be considered for the competition. The instructions are as follows:

Due Date: May 1, 2012 (that will give us several weeks to make the final selections)

Where to send: Send entries to (put "Monochrome Images" in the subject line). You may gather and submit images as a group for your club or your members may send them in individually.

What: Send one or two images (no more) per person (we can only submit one image per person)

Naming: In the file name include the maker's name, the maker's club name, and the image title

Sizing: Size the image to no more than 1024 pixels horizontal and no more than 768 pixels vertical.
If there are any questions, please ask.

Best regards,
William B. Barnett, AFIAP, MNEC, MPSA
66 Jasmine Circle
Milford, CT 06461-1788
Co-Director, NECCC Electronic Interclub Competition
Phone/Fax: (203) 877-1639

Saturday, March 3, 2012


NHCC can send one high school student to NECCC

15 Addison Rd.
Wilbraham, MA. 01095
Phone: 413-596-2227

It is that time of year when the New England Camera Club Council invites high school students to be our guests at the annual NECCC Conference. The 67th Conference will be held at the University of Massachusetts Campus at Amherst on July 13, 14 & 15th 2012
The number of students accepted for free conference tuition, room and board will be limited to six qualified individuals. Accommodations in the conference center hotel provide the students with security and adult supervision. However, due to the shortage of rooms, the number of spots available will no doubt result in the exclusion of some deserving candidates.

We need your club's assistance in recommending a high school student (one applicant per club only) who has a sincere interest in photography. It would be beneficial if each club would assign one member interested in helping a youth pursue their photography interests. They can contact local schools, churches, youth organizations, camera stores or any other location where they may find an interested candidate. I would love to see an increase in applicants to help out a deserving talented youth this year. This can only be done through a greater commitment towards our youth. We urge you to sponsor this person for the highly rewarding experience

The Council pays the student's registration fee, lodging in the hotel and meals. Meals are served with the speakers and officers on the 10th floor of the Campus Center building. The students are responsible for their transportation to and from the Amherst campus and optional fees which include garage parking (lot parking is free) and a $10.00 deposit to have outside-line phone service turned on in the room.

Please use the enclosed application form to propose a student for consideration. Be certain to fully describe the individual’s relevant credentials and photographic interests. The more complete the information provided the better. This will strongly determine who is chosen to attend. Feel free to attach pages or use the back of the form for additional comments and references. Students will also be responsible for submitting an essay of their experience at the conference due by August 1st

The application form must be returned to me postmarked by April 14, 2012. Club representatives submitting a candidate for consideration will be notified of the results in writing on or before May 14, 2012. If you have any questions please call.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Karen Geaghan
NECCC Youth Activities Director