Saturday, March 6, 2010

Paul's workshop this morning

Paul gave a great workshop this morning. There were 'old' and new members at this workshop which made it especially great. The best way to get involved in the camera club and meet people is through events like these...

Diffused light, a simple (one plane) flower, a background, a tripod and a macro lens on your camera and you are all set!
Carmel also served a great breakfast (helped to get me out of bed!!).

I bet she did not expect that her food would turn into props though. Tom spent some time shooting his waffle before he ate it. I also saw Guay helping him with the plastic to diffuse the light.

Jackie played a big part in motivating Tom to take the waffle photos.

Here are two images that I took at the workshop using different backgrounds that Paul had. Both were taken at f22 with my Canon 7D and Sigma 150mm macro lens.

Joan (the most awesome workshop organizer since I have been in the club) was wearing a tshirt with a sentiment that I agree with "Good Morning is an oxymoron" love it!! The workshop was great even though it was so early in the morning and we thank Paul for hosting it!

Even Sparky became a subject as people tried to capture his portrait.

Have an idea for a workshop ? Then please see Joan at one of our meetings...

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