Sunday, December 27, 2015

Courtesy Enrollment at NECCC conference

Courtesy Enrollment at NECCC conference
Download the form and information here

Every year The New England Camera Club Council, Inc. invites each NECCC member camera club (that's our club) to select one of their camera club members to receive free registration to the next annual NECCC conference. You should definitely consider going to this awesome conference!!!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Flash Photography 101 – Tom Cuchara Thursday 1/28 6:30 pm

Flash Photography 101 – Tom Cuchara
Thursday 1/28 6:30 pm 
email Joan Balen to sign up... 
Please include which brand of Camera/Flash you use. 

Flash photography is all about adding light to your subject. Sometimes the flash is the sole light source, other times it is supplemental light designed to accent the subject. Direct Flash, indirect flash, light modified flash, bounced flash, fill flash, Rear curtain flash, hi speed flash, etc. -- the key to using flash is to learn how to control the light for the effect that you want.

Tom will demonstrate:
  • pop-up on camera flash as compared to external shoe mounted flash as compared to off-camera flash.
  • a couple of flash brackets
  • several flash modifiers (sto-fen, Gary Fong, Apollo softbox, etc.)
  • some demonstrate bounced light using basic equipment like paper plates, tablecloths, tshirts, reflectors, etc.
  • full flash versus fill flash
  • then we will have a model or volunteer from the audience and demonstrate differently light modifiers with Lightroom capture so everyone can see the effects
  • and break up into groups, Canon and Nikon (thanks Richard Asarisi!) so participants can practice with their own flashes. 
"In general I try very hard to keep the flash off the camera as much as possible.  Off camera flash enables me to be creative and the net result is a better quality of light whether I am photographing people, animals, birds or objects. I use mainly ETTL (evaluative through the lens), and sometimes Manual Flash mode.  I experiment a lot and like play.  I strongly encourage you to practice, play and generally have fun. Look at the world around you and see how light falls off an object and try to duplicate it with a flash.   "

Off camera flash is the preferred method of photographing people, animals, etc.  However, depending on the situation and subject sometimes Tom bounce the flash off a reflective surface or use a light modifier.  Tom try to not use direct flash because the light bounces straight back to the camera creating specular highlights on the subject.  The result is the camera’s meter gets confused and may throw off the exposure by several stops.  Tom will use a flash bracket, light stand or hand hold; all the while keeping the flash off the camera.  "If I have to attach the flash to the camera, I will use a light modifier to soften the light." 

The challenge as a photographer is to see the light, learn your equipment, be creative and go have fun!! 

some references, books, ebooks and free ebooks......

Friday, December 4, 2015

Mini SlideShows December 7th

Mini SlideShows December 7th

This year NHCC will invite members to show up to five minutes of their images set to music at the holiday party in December. Any paid member is welcome to participate. The slideshows may be on any topic: travel, nature, humor, etc. Each show may contain any number photographs with music, with or without narration, but no longer than 5 minutes

Members planning to have a slideshow must send the slideshow to Paul (or drop off a CD) so that they can load the shows onto the club computer. You can use the free to email large files. Due by December 5th.

1)    The show format must be one that the computer being provided can handle. 
Shows in the .exe format (from Pro Show gold on Windows) are normally the simplest to handle. 

2)    Shows to be displayed must be given to the member providing the computer at or before the deadline so that the member providing the computer has an opportunity to be sure the shows will run properly before the projection night. The member providing the group computer will make a “best effort” attempt to run the show, though there may be cases where this is not possible.
3)   The show file should be named as follows: LastName-FirstName-Title, for example “Barnett-William-Bridges of Somerset County”. This will allow the shows to be copied to a single directory for projection and be easily identified. 

NHCC charity for the holidays

NHCC charity for the holidays

HOLIDAY CHARITY OPPORTUNITY New Haven Camera Club is proud to be supporting a statewide program called Child FIRST once again this year. This is a collection of toys or monetary contributions for children ages birth to 7 years old who are less fortunate than most. We have substituted this worthwhile program instead of the grab bag that we have run in the past, and because it was so successful we are running it again. Special thanks to the Yost's who suggested this to the club, and who hand deliver the presents to Child FIRST.

Child FIRST is a program that works with young children and their parents/caregivers together in the home. They help with the child's behavioral or learning problems and with stresses in their parent's lives such as poverty, depression, violence, abuse/neglect, or homelessness.

If you would like to make a child happy this holiday, please bring an un-wrapped toy to the Holiday party. Monetary gifts are also welcome for your convenience.