Saturday, November 29, 2008

NHCC Holiday Party

The deadline for reservations is December 4th. Please see the earlier Blog post for all of the details. The blog also contains information about the slideshow competition. Hope to see you all there!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

NHCC Holiday slideshows due to Bill Barnett by 12-1

This is a reminder...

Anyone who wants him to project his/her NHCC Holiday slideshow will have to mail a CD to Bill (William Barnett, 66 Jasmine Circle, Milford, CT 06461-1788). Be sure it arrives on or before December 1, 2008, so that he has time to make sure it will run properly. If you have any questions you can contact Bill at

For the full post please see the Blog

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Annual Holiday Party of the New Haven Camera Club

Come one, come all to the annual Holiday Party of the New Haven Camera Club

6:00 PM Drinks and appetizers
6:30 PM Dinner
485 West Main Street
Branford, CT

We will have appetizers and then enjoy a delicious buffet dinner all for $28, tax and tip included.
Please make checks payable to New Haven Camera Club

And remember we will have our annual mini digital competition (5 minute max) on any subject after dinner. If you want Bill Barnett to run your show on his laptop, images are due to him by December 1st. Otherwise, you may bring your own laptop.

As we have done the last couple of years, instead of a grab bag, we will give to a charity. This year it will be TOYS FOR TOTS. New, unwrapped toys can be brought to the party with a value of $10. If you prefer, a money contribution can be given - checks to be made out to "Marine Corps Toys for Tots" Toys for all ages up to 17 are appreciated, but the greatest need is in the 0-2 or 15-17 age brackets.

Please send your reservation to Ann Yost, 163 Woodvale Road, West Haven, CT 06516. The deadline for reservations is December 4th. Don't delay - send your reservation now for a great time!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

The results of the individual entries in the Fall NECCC Electronic Photograph Interclub Competition are shown below.

Pictorial competition:
Name Title Score Award
Peterson, Paul Dutchman's Breeches 23
Balen, Joan Dawn on Lake Winnipesaukee 23
Parisi, Bob Bass Harbor Lighthouse 24 HM
Sisken, Harold Flower Bud 25 1st

Nature competition:
Prestash, Gary Whitebreasted Nuthatch 24
Asarisi, Richard Broadbill 27 1st
Krasenics, Vic Green Heron w Moth 26 HM
Peterson, Paul Golden Eagle 26 HM

Congratulations to all of you, particularly Harold and Richard who won one of the 1st place awards in their competitions, though as part of a 5- or 6-way tie. Your entries will automatically be included in the photograph of the year competitions at the end of the year.

Continuing last year's winning ways, New Haven was first in both competitions, though the scores are close. Keep submitting the excellent photos into competition that allow us to compete with the best clubs of New England.

Pictorial competition, first five clubs:

Club Score Place
New Haven 95 1st
Seacoast 94 2nd
Boston West 94 2nd
Photo Society of RI 93
Gateway 93

Nature competition, first five clubs:

Club Score Place
New Haven 103 1st
Gateway 101 2nd
Stony Brook 99 3rd
Cape Cod Viewfinders 97
Charter Oak 97

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Last Call for November Digital Images

Due to a PICNIC* the NHCC Blog master (i.e. ME) listed two different dates for the deadline of the November competiton digital files. The deadline is TUESDAY 11-18. The assigned subject is sunsets and sunrises.

It has been hectic trying to get everything done in preparation for our CAP field trip to DelMarVa. We leave Thursday so the images renamed, randomized, score sheets made and loaded onto Paul's computer on Wednesday.

Please remember to send your NHCC digital entries in for the November competition by Tuesday, November 18th. Digital Images due by 11/18.

* PICNIC = problem in chair not in computer

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Digital Images due by 11/18

Please remember to send your NHCC digital entries in for the November competition by Tuesday, November 18th by midnight.

Monday, November 10, 2008

PSA Nature Digital Interclub Contest 1 Results

This just in from Daniel Charbonnet...Nature Digital Interclub Contest 1 Results

New Haven was tied for 3rd in this contest. I will be mailing you the club and individual ribbons shortly. Congratulations to New Haven and its members. Lisa's Great Blue Flying with Stick will be in the Image of the Year at the end of the Season. I have attached the Summary Report. The closing date for Contest #2 is February 15, 2009. Dan

Thursday, November 6, 2008

November competition digital entry deadline CHANGE

Our third competition of the NHCC 08-09 season is almost upon us.

Your images must be emailed to

Please note that the deadline is midnight Nov 18th (Tuesday)

Photographs must be in the JPEG format and scaled to a maximum of 1024 pixels wide and a maximum of 768 pixels high.

Don't forget that the assigned subject competition has been changed:

Our handbook with the complete rules and instructions can be found on the NHCC website:


1. Prints must be between 8 by 10 inches and 16 by 20 inches.

2. Prints must be mounted on mat board or foam core board. Any size mat board or foam core board is allowed up to 16"x20".

3. Prints may be matted conventionally or electronically as long as the maximum dimensions are not exceeded.

4. On the back of each print clearly print your name and address, title, order designation (1 or 2), and an arrow indicating which edge is the top. This information may be printed on one or more labels affixed to the back if you prefer not to write on the mount.

Electronic Photographs

1. Photographs must be submitted as JPEG photographs with the .jpg extension.

2. Convert files to the sRGB color space if not already in that space or convert to Gray Gamma 2.2 if submitting an untinted monochrome photograph.

3. Photographs will be projected using a projector having 1024 pixels in the horizontal direction and 768 pixels in the vertical direction. Photographs must fit within those dimensions. See Figure 1 (pg 17 handbook). Unless your photograph’s proportions are in the exact ratio of 4 to 3, one of these dimensions will be less than the maximum. For example, if you have a vertical photograph, the height will be 768 pixels, but the width will be significantly less than 1024 pixels. A square photograph will be 768 pixels by 768 pixels under these rules. Smaller photographs are acceptable. This means that a horizontal photograph will normally be 1024 pixels wide and may be as tall as 768 pixels, for example Figure 2 (pg 17 handbook). If the photograph is not 768 pixels tall it will be projected with black bars above and below the photograph as shown in Figure 3 (pg 17 handbook). A vertical photograph will normally be 768 pixels tall, but will be less than 1024 pixels wide and it will be projected with black bars on the two sides as shown in Figure 4 (pg 17 handbook).

In order to provide all of the information needed and to allow the use of automated tools, image files must be named as follows:


Where “x” is the class (A, B, or S for special category) “#” is the sequence number for the competition (1 or 2), “LastName” is the last name of the maker, “FirstName” is the first name of the maker, “Title” is the photograph’s title without spaces (use the underline character “_” instead of spaces), and “Year-Month” is the competition being entered in the format “2005-11” for November 2005. It is suggested that normal capitalization rules be followed for the last name, first name, and title. The dollar signs (“$”) are used to separate the fields of information. An example file name formatted correctly is A1$Jones$Bill$Red_Skier$2005-11.jpg This is Bill Jones’ first photograph for class A entitled “Red Skier” entered into the November 2005 competition. Note that file names may not contain spaces because we may post some or all of the entries and results on our club Internet site which runs on a Unix operating system that does not allow spaces. Use the underline character (“_”) instead of spaces in titles. It is very important to adhere to this naming convention so that the Vice President of Inside Competition or his designated assistant can use automated tools to prepare score sheets and keep records. The dollar signs ($) are recognized as field separation characters by automated tools such as spreadsheet programs. Be sure that all fields are in the correct order. If you run into problems because your computer operating system does not allow file names as long as required, complete the name as far as possible and put the full file name in the body of the submitting e-mail and the chairman will fix your titles for you.

• If you are submitting make-up photographs, use the year and month of the competition being made up rather than the year and month of the competition into which entered. If entering make-up photographs for the October 2005 competition in the January 2006 competition, the year and month should be “2005-10”, not “2006-01”. • When inserting the competition date, use a 4 digit year (for example 2007) followed by a dash (“-“) followed by a two digit month (09, 10, 11, 01, 02, 03, 04, or 05)