Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Executive Board of the NHCC summary

The Executive Board of the NHCC met this week and we decided to publicize a summary of the meeting for the club members. If there are any questions, please contact Ann Yost, President.
Summary of meeting 3/10/10
  • Denise Saldana was welcomed as the new Publicity Chairperson.
  • Minutes and Treasurers reports were reviewed and approved. We have slightly less money than last year at this time but we are still OK financially.
  • Rent was increased slightly but it still seems reasonable and we have been able to afford it.
  • Small requests for money were reviewed and approved.
    The server needs to be moved and will be moved to another site at no cost; it will be able to handle the size of our web page.
  • Program and workshop ideas were shared and we are looking for further ideas of outside speakers since we had several club members volunteer to do a program for 2010-11.
  • Lisa presented a draft proposal for Service Awards which would recognize participation in addition to winning ribbons. Recognition of some sort will be given (in Sept 2010) to those members completing the entire season (Sept 09-May 10) of competition (16 prints and/or 16 digital images and/or 10-16 assigned subject images). There was much discussion with ideas for modifications. A small group (Ann, Tom, Lisa, Denise) will meet separately with Lisa to determine how to implement this concept which most felt was positive and a way to involve new members. If you would like to be on this group please see Lisa or Ann.
  • The last Centennial Committee canceled a recent meeting due to weather. New one to be held March 30th. Discussion of special assignment needs to be continued as original ideas was to tie the category to an event in each decade of our 100 years. No decision made until next meeting.
  • Judging/judges was discussed at request of some members. Art will contact judges individually rather than going through the judges chairperson. Also we will sponsor a small workshop in the Fall for local camera clubs on judging - training, guidelines etc. in hopes to add some new well-trained judges to the list.
  • Discussion of distributing our membership list to everyone and vote was not to do this.
    NECCC Courtesy Enrollment. One person has expressed interest in going to NECCC conference for the first time. We will announce again at the next meeting and if no one comes forward, we will go ahead with our applicant. Also a high school student who is a member of our club expressed interest in applying to be selected as one of 6 high school students to go to NECCC.
  • Several ideas were presented for field trips - Rockport, MA; Eastern State Penitentiary linked with Longwood Gardens and Winterthur; Garden in the Woods.

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