Tuesday, February 26, 2013

March 11 -- Scott Vincent "Go from Taking - To Making Photos"

March 11 -- Scott Vincent "Go from Taking - To Making Photos"

Scott will entertain us with his vision of making photographs.  Many photographs are simply taken “as is” with not much thought on how to improve them.  In this program Scott will outline the before, during and after thought processes he goes through and will teach you the simple categories of conceptualization he uses when approaching a wide variety of situations.  This program is well suited for any experience level, with simple techniques to more advanced concepts being shown.  Scott is known for his fun, fast paced programs which usually feature many example photographs.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

March 9th Nature’s Elusive Beauty – Composition for Nature and Landscape Photography

Join the New Haven Camera Club 

on Saturday March 9th 2013
for a presentation 
by Canon Explorer of Light 
Jennifer Wu

Sponsored by Canon

Who -- Canon Explorer of Light Jennifer Wu

What -- Nature’s Elusive Beauty – Composition for Nature and Landscape Photography

Where -- Whitney Center 200 Leeder Hill Drive Hamden, CT 06517-2749 (203) 281-6745

When -- Saturday, March 9, 2013 -- 9am to 4pm, plan to arrive by 8:30am

How much -- the program is FREE
Optional lunch $10.50 per person 
Lunch: Assorted Sandwiches, Beverage (Soda, Water), Chips, and Cookies
Note that while lunch is optional,  there are not a choices in the vicinity of the seminar. 

To register please mail your registration (and optional check made out to New Haven Camera Club for lunch) to Denise Saldaña 52 Westminister St, Hamden CT 06518 -- your registration arrive by by Feb 21st (we need to provide the head count on Feb 22nd)

Name _______________________________________________________________
Address  _______________________________________________________________
Email  _______________________________________________________________
Phone number   __________________________________________________________

All tickets will be held at the door. 
If you wish confirmation, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

For questions please email Tom at tlcbam@comcast.net

Nature’s Elusive Beauty – Composition for Nature and Landscape Photography

This inspiring and entertaining presentation is a must see for any one interested in nature and landscape photography. Jennifer will teach you the elements of photographic composition and share her techniques to get those great shots. She will discus five elements of composition. You will learn about selecting specific lenses and how each lens makes visual impact. Discover how creating depth in an image creates visual interest and how isolating the subject will make a striking image

Short Break

Tips and Techniques: Jennifer will discuss techniques for getting great shots including tips on using polarizing and neutral density filters, use of white balance settings, keeping the contrast in the photograph, using reflectors, use of hyperfocal distance focusing and more. 


Maximizing Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop:  Learn as Jennifer demonstrates the incredible capabilities of Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop. Jen will show you how you can take care of much of your image optimization in ACR and she will show you her workflow for processing images. She'll discuss the tools and best practices when adjusting your images; touching on features like the tone curve, lens correction and local adjustment tools. She shares her tips  

Short Break

The Amazing Night Sky: Photographing after sunset and before sunrise offers a whole new world of images and photographic opportunities. We mistakenly  think it is too dark to photograph, but the camera can pick up the subtle light. The seemingly infinite darkness of the night is lit by the stars and planets. The camera picks up light from the gasses of the Milky Way and more stars than our eyes can see. Learn how to photograph the stars, the full moon and the crescent moon, and get tips on when to photograph them, and how to appreciate the quality of light at night and how to use evening  light in your photographs. Twilight displays beautiful light after sunset and before sunrise. Jennifer discusses light painting techniques for illuminating  trees, rocks and buildings, adding another dimension to night photography. Jennifer will takeyou on a dramatic visual journey through of the night sky in time-lapse movies. This inspiring and entertaining presentation is a must-see for any one interested in photographing  twilight, the stars, and the moon.

About the Photographer:
Jennifer Wu, a professional photographer since 1992, is a nature and landscape photographer as well as a photographer of the stars and the night sky.

Jennifer was named by Canon USA to the elite group of photographers, The Explorers of Light.  Canon states, "The Explorers Of Light program is a group of 62 of the world's best photographers, united in their love and passion for photographic excellence. They also share a common desire to contribute back to the industry with a willingness to share their vision and passion with others."  Jennifer enjoys sharing her enthusiasm and passion for nature photography in lectures and workshops for Canon. She is especially proud that Canon publishes her spectacular sky photographs in their professional camera brochures.
Her images, featured in numerous magazines and books, have won a wide variety of prestigious awards. Whenever she is not on nature expeditions at some of the most beautiful locations in the world, she exhibits her images at galleries and art shows.

Jennifer, born in Illinois in 1968, grew up in Davis, California. She moved to Sacramento to attend California State University, Sacramento, where she received a BA in Photography. She currently lives in Sacramento.

She taught photography and digital imaging at California State University Sacramento. She now enjoys lecturing, teaching seminars and speaking events as well as leading workshops for Canon and aFilm International Film Workshops Barcelona, Spain. She leads workshops to Alaska, Hawaii, Yosemite, Death Valley, Namibia and Iceland. 

View her images at www.jenniferwu.com. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Email Application for Courtesy Enrollment to NECCC

Please email Ann at "Yost, Ann" before the second February meeting. Names will be drawn at the second February meeting

Email Application for Courtesy Enrollment

The New England Camera Club Council, Inc. invites each NECCC member camera club to select one of their camera club members to receive free registration to the next annual NECCC conference, held at UMass, Amherst, Mass. on July 12 - 14, 2013. The complimentary registration gives the person submitted by your club all the learning experiences, photo opportunities, and inspirational programs that go along with the conference. Please note, that the enrollment covers only the registration fee. The recipient will be responsible for his or her own room, meals, and transportation.

Rules governing the courtesy enrollment:

1. Candidates must be at least eighteen years of age as of July 1, 2013.
2. A candidate must be a member of an NECCC member Club in good standing (i.e. dues paid for the current year).
3. Candidates must have never attended a previous NECCC conference.
4. Selection of the candidate will be the responsibility of the individual clubs.
5. Applications may be made by email from the club President.
Applications will not be accepted after the deadline (March 1, 2013).
6. The application cannot be transferred to another person. Once someone has been submitted, accepted, and has received the key paper work, that person must register for the conference. If he/she cannot attend, another person cannot take his/her place. The club’s courtesy enrollment for that year will be forfeited.
7. NECCC’s decision in all matters relating to this courtesy enrollment will be final.

For 2013 we will be receiving all applications by email -- Simply email us
1: The club name, city, & state
2: President’s or Rep’s name, address, phone no., & email address
3: The candidate’s name, address, phone no., & email address

Email all information to s.jmosser@comcast.net by March 1, 2013. Accepted candidates will be contacted by April 1, 2013, with further registration information. All candidates are accepted unless we find that they have previously attended the conference.

Upon acceptance recipient will be supplied with a special registration form to complete and mail in (do not use standard form).


Any questions go to: Courtesy Enrollment
c/o Jacob Mosser III, FPSA, HonNEC
173 Central St.
North Reading, Mass. 01864
H 978-664-2620
For more information on the conference, please visit our website at www.neccc.org

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Please register for Jennifer Wu NOW

Please register for the Jennifer Wu seminar NOW, bring your registration form and check on Monday or mail it tomorrow. This will be a great presentation, and we got her here because Canon is sponsoring her so there is NO fee to attend (just lunch only $10.50) -- Canon's only requirement is that we guarantee 100 people.

NHCC has ~110 members, and we all know other photographers, so getting 100 people to attend should not be a problem, but alas procrastination is a wonderful human trait and we only have 33 people registered so far. Please join us for this wonderful all day presentation, support the club so we bring speakers like this back!

Who -- Canon Explorer of Light Jennifer Wu

What -- Nature’s Elusive Beauty – Composition for Nature and Landscape Photography

Where -- Whitney Center 200 Leeder Hill Drive Hamden, CT 06517-2749 (203) 281-6745

When -- Saturday, March 9, 2013 -- 9am to 4pm, plan to arrive by 8:30am

How much -- the program is FREEOptional lunch $10.50 per person 
Lunch: Assorted Sandwiches, Beverage (Soda, Water), Chips, and Cookies. Note that while lunch is optional,  there are not a choices in the vicinity of the seminar. 

To register please mail your registration (and optional check made out to New Haven Camera Club for lunch) to Denise Saldaña 52 Westminister St, Hamden CT 06518 -- your registration arrive by by Feb 21st (we need to provide the head count on Feb 22nd)

Name __________________________________________________________________
Address  _______________________________________________________________
Email  __________________________________________________________________
Phone number   __________________________________________________________

Competition Deadline 2/15/2013 tomorrow!

Competition Deadline 2/15/2013


Waterdrop workshop Sunday June 9th

NHCC members get first dibs on this great Waterdrop workshop on Sunday June 9th, registration opens to other camera clubs and to Susan's Blog and Meetup group on March 1st. Sign up NOW.

Water Drop Workshop with Susan Candelario

Join us for an amazing waterdrop workshop on Sunday June 9th -- be introduced to the exciting world of water drops! The workshop will take you from simple water drops to different colored water collisions, allowing you to get many breathtaking images. No equipment is necessary, as we will provide it for you! All you need is a CF card to attend this workshop. Led by Susan Candelario, she will guide you to some of the equipment that you can use from the basic to more advanced with the ability for you to capture the many phases of water drops as well as water drop collisions. They will cover tips on setups and lighting and every participant will get many chances to go home with their own liquid works of art! Cost is $75 and no previous experience is necessary. 

 Check out some of Susan's high speed photos here: http://sdcphotography.com/hswaterdrop.html

Session #1-- 10am-12pm, limited to 10 participants (5 people per station)

Session #2-- 1pm-3pm, limited to 10 participants (5 people per station)

When: Sunday June 9th 

Where: Stratford, CT

PayPal secure credit card payments are accepted by going to http://www.sdcphotography.com/paypal.htm  

Questions? Contact Susan Candelario PHONE: 201.921.3492 E-Mail: susan@sdcphotography.com

High School Students as NECCC Conference Guests

Please email Ann at "Yost, Ann" before the second February meeting. 

High School Students as Conference Guests

It is that time of year when the New England Camera Club Council invites high school students to be our guests at the annual NECCC Conference. The 68th Conference will be held at the University of Massachusetts Campus at Amherst, MA on July 12 - 14, 2013.

The number of students accepted for free conference tuition and room and board will be limited to six qualified individuals. Accommodations in the conference center hotel provide the students with security and adult supervision. However, due to the shortage of rooms, the number of spots available will no doubt result in the exclusion of some deserving candidates.

We need your club's assistance in recommending a high school student (one applicant per club only) who has a sincere interest in photography. It would be beneficial if each club would assign one member interested in helping a youth pursue their photography interests. They can contact local schools, churches, youth organizations, camera stores or any other location where they may find an interested candidate. I would love to see an increase in applicants to help out a deserving talented youth this year. This can only be done through a greater commitment towards our youth. We urge you to sponsor this person for the highly rewarding experience.

The Council pays the student's registration fee, lodging in the hotel, and meals. Meals are served with the speakers and officers on the 10th floor of the Campus Center building. The students are responsible for their transportation to and from the Amherst campus and optional fees which include garage parking (lot parking is free).

Please use the enclosed application form to propose a student for consideration. Be certain to fully describe the individual’s relevant credentials and photographic interests. The more complete the information provided the better. This will strongly determine who is chosen to attend. Feel free to attach pages or use the back of the form for additional comments and references. Students will also be responsible for submitting an essay of their experience at the conference due by August 1st. The application form must be returned to me postmarked by March 1, 2013. Club representatives submitting a candidate for consideration will be notified of the results in writing on or before May 1, 2013. If you have any questions please call.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Karen Geaghan
NECCC Youth Activities Director
High School Students as Conference Guests

The New England Camera Club Council recognizes that one of its most important responsibilities is to propagate and nurture in our youth, an interest in the art and science of photography.

Each year, through the individual NECCC member-clubs, the Council invites photo-enthusiastic New England high school students to attend the Conference. The venue for the Conference is the Amherst Campus of the University of Massachusetts, where their host is the NECCC Youth Activities Director. Registration and room and board for the three-day conference is free to the student guests. However, transportation to and from the conference are the responsibility of the student.

From applications submitted by a representative or President of sponsoring NECCC Clubs (one candidate per club limit), the Youth Activities Director selects six students to attend the conference. Successful candidates are chosen based on: promptness in applying, completeness of application, degree of interest, skill, references, and sponsor's endorsement. Although a definite plus, the student need not be a member of a participating NECCC Club. When there are a great number of responses, choices will be made considering the student’s credentials and questions such as: "Has the candidate been a previous guest?", "Does he/she still have future high school years left to reapply?".

NECCC asks that affiliated club presidents and representatives to support this effort. You can be a positive influence on talented youths seeking creative opportunities such as this.


• Late winter Youth Activities Director mails cover letter and application to club representatives, apprising them of the Student/Guest opportunity.
• March 1st Postmark Deadline for accepting applications.
• Early May Youth Activities Director notifies Council President, applicants, sponsors, and Conference Accommodations Registrar of the selection results.
• June 4 Postmark Deadline for receiving “intent to attend/medical information” form and “room registration” form.
• Mid June Youth Director sends letter of last-minute information and instruction to students.
• At Once For timely resolution, any discrepancies, problems, or cancellations should be brought to the immediate attention of the responsible officials.
• Mid July The Conference.

For further information contact: Karen Geaghan
15 Addison Rd
Wilbraham, MA 01095
Phone: 413-596-2227 or 413-537-3001 ogeaghan@aol.com

(this section to be filled out by applicant ~ please type or print)
Name of Student: ____________________________________________________________________
Parent(s)/Guardian(s): ________________________________________________________________
Street Address: _____________________________________________________________________
City: ________________________ State: _____ Zip: ____________ Tel: _____-_____-__________
E-mail: ____________________________________________________________________________
Name of School Attending: _____________________________________________________________
Check off Current School Status: Freshman ___ Sophomore ___ Junior ___ Senior ___
Age as of July 1, 2013: __________ (must be included) M ___ F ___
Camera Club Attending: _______________________________________________________________
How Long: _______________ (membership not a requirement)

Attach Essay Composed by Applicant ~ Include Photographic Background & Goals
(this section to be filled out by sponsoring club ~ please type or print)
Sponsoring Camera Club’s Name: _______________________________________________________
Proposer’s Endorsement Rep or President: _______________________________________________
Attach pages or use reverse side if additional space is needed. References may be added.
Name of Proposer: _____________________________ Circle Office Held: Rep. Pres.
Address: __________________________________________________________________
Phone No. of Proposer: ____-____-________ E-mail: _______________________________
Date Proposal Mailed: ___________ Deadline: Must be Postmarked by March 1, 2013
Return completed form to: Karen Geaghan
15 Addison Rd
Wilbraham, MA 01095
Phone: 413-596-2227 or

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

NECCC Winter Competition scores

Well, the New Haven CC came in in 2nd place in the Winter NECCC Pictorial competition.  Lisa Cuchara was the only club member to take a ribbon though – a second place for an image of a Red Eyed Tree Frog, but a few other images scored just below that level.  Overall, after two competitions, we are in 4th place.  There is only a one point difference between us and the 3rd place club -Charter Oak of Hartford, CT- and Charter Oak is one point behind the 2nd place club – Greater Lynn (MA).  Boston West is in 1st place, 10 points ahead of the second place club.
In Nature, we are not doing as well.  Tom Cuchara took an Honorable Mention for an image of a Day Old Piping Plover and our other images did not do well overall. 
Scores and the winning images can be view by going to the NECCC website.  The link below will take you to there.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Monday meeting postponed!

Due to very poor road conditions and the threat of more inclement weather tomorrow, we have decided to cancel Monday's meeting. Many of our members haven't even had their streets plowed yet.

Paul is excited about his program but feels it will be even better if given in the future when, hopefully, conditions will be greatly improved. Everyone is advised to stay safe. If you can't get out of the house, perhaps you can get your entries ready for the February competition. 

Remember, our competition has been moved up to Monday, February 18, so images are due this coming Friday night at midnight.

I can add to this and tell you that the roads in Hamden have not even been plowed yet, both our road and Gary's road have not seen a plow yet. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

1-Day Seminar and Night Photography Session with Mark Bowie

The Light of Midnight: Photographing the Landscape at Night

1-Day Seminar and Night Photography Session with Mark Bowie

Date: Sunday, April 7th, 2013

Indoor Instruction (Branford, CT): 1pm – 5pm

Dinner: 5:30-6:30pm. We will eat locally, as a group (not included in the registration fee). 

Night Shooting Session: 7pm – 11pm
Fee: $99/person

Group Size: 6 participants minimum, 12 maximum
FYI, registration opens to NHCC members first. Members get first dibs. After Feb 1st registration will be open to all, so if you are interested then register early!

Who Should Attend: All photographers are welcome, from beginner to advanced, using either digital or film cameras. 

Some of Nature’s most spectacular beauty is reserved for the landscape at night.  And at night, the camera allows us to record phenomena we are physically incapable of seeing.  Long exposures capture celestial objects in motion, creating metaphors for the passage of time and seasons.  They register incredible detail and rich colors.  The photographer can’t be sure what he or she will create, and that’s part of the allure and the excitement!

Night shooting specialist Mark Bowie, author of The Light of Midnight: Photographing the Landscape at Night, will lead an indoor instructional session followed by a nighttime field session.  He’ll cover strategies, tips and techniques, including:

•    Camera settings — RAW, BULB, ISO, white balance
•    Consulting the histogram
•    Composing and focusing in the dark
•    Using LiveView at night
•    Determining nighttime exposures
•    High ISO test shots
•    Shooting long exposures by ambient light
•    Shooting time intervals
•    Shooting base exposures and multiple exposures
•    “Painting” with artificial light
•    Photographing moonlit landscapes, the stars, planets, meteors, the Northern Lights and other celestial phenomena
•    Photographing lightning and fireworks
•    Noise Reduction in-camera and in post-processing
•    Processing night images
•    Combining multiple exposures, Layer Masks

To attend please send Lisa a check for $99 made out to Mark Bowie. 
Email Lisa at photographer67@comcast.net 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The January awards for the PID Inter-club Competition are now ready for viewing at

Ya-HOO!  The New Haven Camera Club is now in First Place in Group "C" of the Projected Image Division of the Photographic Society of America after two rounds of competition, with two more rounds to go!  Folks can go to the links below to see the winning images and the cumulative scores for the various clubs, some from as far as the UK, Belgium, and Australia, as well as from Mass, New Hampshire, Washington, Colorado, Iowa, Texas, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.  In the link below for the gallery of winning images, you will see the images which received Awards of Merit and the Best In Show image by Lisa Cuchara. 
To view the Gallery of winning images, click on the first link below and then scroll down to see the Group "C" images.
To see the cumulative scores for the clubs in our group, click on the second link below.  Then scroll down the page that opens until you get to "2012 – 2013 Standings".  Then, click on that and scroll down to Group "C" to see all the clubs cumulative scores after two competitions.
Hopefully, we can maintain our position and wind up as the first place club in our group after the two remaining competitions.
From: Bob Benson
Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2013 8:52 PM
Subject: images ready for viewing
The January awards for the PID Inter-club Competition are now ready for viewing at
Club Standings can be seen by going to the web page, and clicking on 2012-2013 Standings
Bob Benson
Chair, PID Interclub Competition

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mondays in February NHCC

Mondays in February NHCC

We have three meetings in February

Feb 4th -- rescheduled January competition

Feb 11th -- regularly scheduled program (Paul Peterson "Out West")


Feb 18th (date change for the February competition because the church has another event on Feb  25th our regular meeting night.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Come see February 11, Paul Peterson's program “Go West.”

Come see February 11, Paul Peterson's program “Go West.”

On February 11, Paul Peterson will present his program “Go West.” This show will feature images from several western trips, from the northwest to the southwest, from the mountains to the desert. Most of the images will be landscapes and nature, including national parks, but there will also be a few cities and some people pictures. Along with showing where his images were taken, Paul will also cover composition and photoshop techniques which can be employed to enhance your photographs. Make sure you are here on February 11 to discover the photographic opportunities which exist when you “Go West.”

Friday, February 1, 2013

competition meeting -- Monday Feb 4th

reminder -- our January competition meeting was rescheduled to Monday Feb 4th, same time and place