Friday, March 19, 2010

second PSA Nature competition

Dear Club Members,

The following entries were used to represent the club in the second PSA Nature competition:

Yellowstone Deer 11 Andrey Antov
Great Blue Heron and Chick 12 Linda Thomas
Monarch 11 Joan Balen
Orangutan Mother 9 William Barnett
Baby Great Horned Owl 11 Lisa Cuchara
Cedar Waxwing with Crabapple 12 Award Gary Prestash

For this competition each judge voted 1 to 5 for a total of 3 to 15. We are in Class A for this competition.

For this competition we earned 66 points putting us in a 4-way tie for second with Greater Lynn, Exploring Light, and Camera Naturalist CC. The Saguaro Camera Club finished in first place with 68 points. Overall for the year Boston West Photographic Society and Greater Lynn Photographic Association are tied for first with 141 points, the Camera Naturalist Camera Club is in second with 139 points, and Saguaro Camera club is in 3rd place with 137 points. We have a total of 133 points.

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