Saturday, February 27, 2010

Monday March 8, 2010 Lisa Keller will be presenting

Our next program night will be Monday March 8, 2010 and Lisa Keller will be presenting a "duo". Her first travel log show will be on her trip to Thailand. We will have an intermission with refreshments and then she will treat us with a second show on Iceland. Come and travel with Lisa and the New Haven Camera Club and get away from the ice/snow/sleet/rain which has been pelting the New Haven area!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Second NECCC Digital Slide Interclub Competition Results

Dear Club Members,

The following photos were used to represent New Haven Camera Club in the Winter NECCC Digital Slide Interclub Competition.

In the Pictorial Competition:

New Haven, Gilroy, Frank, Winter Light, 21

New Haven, Harper, Bruce, Light Curves, 21

New Haven, Naumann, Susan, Milkweed In Autumn, 21

New Haven, Vietzke, Barbara, Before the Storm, 21

In this competition each judge scores between 3 and 9 for a total range of 9 to 27.

New Haven was tied with Greater Lynn for second place in this competition with 84 points. Candlewood Camera Club was in first with 85 points. Of the 15 clubs in Class A, 8 of them had between 81 and 85 points. Overall we are in the middle of the pack.

In the Nature Competition:

New Haven, Antov, Andrey, Yellow and Blue, 23

New Haven, Barnett, William, Orangutan Mother, 24, HM

New Haven, Cuchara, Lisa, Bluebird Winging It, 23

New Haven, Prestash, Gary, Lesser Yellowlegs at Jamaica Bay, 23

This competition uses the same scoring system as the Pictorial competition. First place in this competition was Cape Cod Viewfinders with 99 points, second place went to the Boston West Photographic Society with 98 points, and third place went to the Charter Oak Photographic Society with 94 points. We had 93 points. Overall after 2 out of three competitions we are tied for fourth place out of 12 clubs in Class A.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Workshop Saturday, February 27th

Please note that the date of Paul's workshop was changed to Saturday, February 27th. Please also note that the workshop is currently full, although you can email Joan to be placed on the wait list.

The Indoor Close-up Workshop to be held at Paul Peterson's home on Saturday, February 27th, at 8:30 AM. If you are unable to attend either email me or call Paul at 203-488-0267. Directions to Paul's home are attached. This will be a hands on workshop so bring your camera, and a macro lens and tripod, if you have one. Paul will have some blooms and weeds and maybe a dead critter or two to photograph. If you have anything suitable you'd like to shoot, feel free to bring it along.... no live critters, please! Paul and Carmen have generously offered to serve us all breakfast after the shooting session. This will be an educational and fun workshop... look forward to seeing you all there.

Workshop Saturday, February 27th,

Baby, it’s cold outside! But… don’t let that stop you from taking striking close-ups of flora and fauna! Paul Peterson will share his set-ups and secrets for taking striking images in the warm comfort of your home.

Workshop will be held Monday, March 1st at Paul’s home in Branford. To sign up, send an email to Joan Balen at beadnik2 [at] Please include your name and phone number.

Directions to Paul’s home will be sent to all who sign up approximately one week prior to the workshop.

Please note that workshops are FREE, you do need to be a member to attend workshops (and to compete images and to go on field trips)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

February competition deadline tomorrow

Our next NHCC competition deadline is tomorrow. Your images must be emailed to before midnight Feb 19th.

Please see the NHCC Blog and/or the NHCC handbook for instructions.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

NHCC in the 2nd PSA Electronic Imaging Division Interclub Competition

Dear Club Members,Your images were used to represent the Club in the second PSA Electronic Imaging Division Interclub Competition for the 2009-2010 competition year. The results were as follows:


James Dionne, Empire Glow, 9

Frank Gilroy, Lightstorm, 11

Andrey Antov, What a Stud, 9

William Barnett, Near the Ground, HM, 12

Susan Naumann, Milkweed In Autumn, 11

Barbara Vietzke, From My Front Yard, Honor, 15

In this competition 3 judges score 1 to 5 for a total of 3 to 15.After two of four competitions for the 2009-2010 competition year New Haven CC is in second place with 133 points. In first place with 170 points is Foto Club Quilmes from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tied for third place are the Ridgewood (NJ) Camera Club and the Terra Australis Digital Image Group from Australia, both with 129 points. Our club is in "Group 1" with 20 other clubs, 5 of which are from outside the United States. Tough crowd! :-)
Best regards,Bill

Friday, February 12, 2010

February competition deadline just one week away

Our next NHCC competition deadline is just now one week away.Your images must be emailed to before midnight Feb 19th.

Easy Directions for Filing, Sizing, Titling Images for Competition

Photographs must be submitted as JPEG images with the .jpg extension. Convert the photograph to the sRGB color space. Your images may already be in that color space. If the color of your images seems off when they are projected, you may want to check this. Our projector requires that images be no more than 1024 WIDE and no more than 768 HIGH. (If you submit a vertical image, it will typically be approximately 500 wide to allow it to be 768 high.) See illustrations.

From looking at the illustrations, you can see that images which are vertical or square will be smaller than horizontal images.Titles - Please use the following format. Class&Image Number
$LastName$FirstName$Title$Year-month (numeral).jpg

S is used for the assigned subject.

Do not leave any spaces. Use the underline character “_”instead of spaces.

Note: Your computer may automatically put .jpg at the end of the title. If that is the case, you should not put .jpg at the end or you will end up with .jpg.jpg

Look carefully at your completed title to make sure that it is correct.

Have you used the dollar sign $ to separate fields?Have you used the underline “_” between words in the title? Are the year and month correct?Does it end in .jpg ? Attach your images to an email and send to

Organization Hint: Make a folder for NHCC Possible Comp images. These should be duplicates of your better photographs. Make another folder for NHCC Competition 2009-10. Don’t put anything into this folder unless it is sized correctly and titled correctly. When you open this folder, all of your images will be in the same format and you can simply copy what you have previously done.

I hope this helps. Paul Peterson

If you need help entering the digital competition for the first time please see a current member.

These directions are very simple to do, but sometimes simple things appear complicated when written down. Ever try to write down directions to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich? Showing someone is much easier.

For information on the assigned subject competition see

Our handbook with the complete rules and instructions can be found on the NHCC website:

1. Must be brought in by 7:15 in order for the print handlers to have time to write the titles on the score shhets and organize the prints

2. Prints must be between 8 by 10 inches and 16 by 20 inches.

3. Prints must be mounted on mat board or foam core board. Any size mat board or foam core board is allowed up to 16"x20".

4. Prints may be matted conventionally or electronically as long as the maximum dimensions are not exceeded.

5. On the back of each print clearly print your name and address, title, order designation (1 or 2), and an arrow indicating which edge is the top. This information may be printed on one or more labels affixed to the back if you prefer not to write on the mount.

Please note: If you are submitting make-up photographs, use the year and month of the competition being made up rather than the year and month of the competition into which entered. If entering make-up photographs for the October 2008 competition in the January 2009 competition, the year and month should be “2008-10”, not “2009-01”.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Taking Close-ups Indoors" Workshop date change

Because Paul Peterson's workshop utilizes natural daylight to take images, we are having to change the date from Monday evening, March 1st, to Feb. 27th, Sat. morning @ 8:30 AM. Paul will give his workshop followed by breakfast, most likely prepared by his wife, Carmen, who, I have on good authority, is an excellent cook!!!! I hope this change of date will not deter anyone from attending this excellent workshop.
Would you please reply to this email, letting me know whether or not you are still able to attend.
Hope to see you there!

First place assignment image in January

Hi Lisa,The Original for the first place assignment image in January, "Big Key in Lock," was photographed in Iceland. This was one of 1/2 dozen or so door knob and/or lock photos I made on the trip and I don't remember if it was a church or another old building. First I adjusted the exposure and contrast in Lightroom. Then in Photoshop I cropped the original and made a black and white copy which became the base layer. Then a copy of the original was placed on a layer above the black and white copy with a "Darken" blending mode which gave the image its textured look, needed because the original was fairly flat. Finally the corners of the photograph were darkened slightly to keep the viewers eye within the photograph. After resizing for competition the photo was sharpened, always the last step in any work flow.

Best regards,Bill

Monday, February 8, 2010

Cumulative 2009-2010 NHCC Score (as of Jan 2010)

Cumulative 2009-2010 NHCC Score (as of Jan 2010)

Last Name First Name Sum Count Ave

Electronic A Last Name First Name Sum Count Ave

Prestash Gary 206 8 25.75
Cuchara Lisa 198 8 24.75
Peterson Paul 197 8 24.63
Barnett William 193 8 24.13
Antov Andrey 186 8 23.25
Vietzke Barbara 185 8 23.13
Dease Kelli 184 8 23.00
Meredith Hazel 183 8 22.88
Balen Joan 182 8 22.75
Cuchara Tom 181 8 22.63

Brinckerhoff Linda 162 7 23.14
Sisken Harold 149 6 24.83
Thomas Linda 100 4 25.00
Gilroy Frank 61 3 20.33
Doyle Jan 44 2 22.00

Electronic B Last Name First Name Sum Count Ave

Naumann Susan 193 8 24.13
Saldana Denise 180 8 22.50
Siegel Howard 179 8 22.38
D'Amico Ron 175 8 21.88
Messina Laura 174 8 21.75
Parisi Bob 174 8 21.75
Messina Jo-Ann 173 8 21.63
Dionne James 172 8 21.50
Hoikala Bill 171 8 21.38
Prestash Fran 171 8 21.38
Rosenthal Fred 169 8 21.13
Ziemba Rich 169 8 21.13
Bartini Bill 167 8 20.88

Lynch Donna 154 7 22.00
Yost Art 136 6 22.67
Mott Fred 135 6 22.50
Mahon Gerri 132 6 22.00
Harper Bruce 121 6 20.17
Higgs Gary 83 4 20.75
Yost Ann 81 4 20.25
Ludmila Lende 75 4 18.75
Sawyer John 59 3 19.67
Murphy John 49 2 24.50
Conway Kathy 44 2 22.00
O'Donnell Mary Ellen 40 2 20.00
Gilroy Frank 0 0
Houghton Craig 0 0
Merva Joe 0 0
Pouyat Frank 0 0
Thomas Linda 0 0

Electronic S Last Name First Name Sum Count Ave

Barnett William 191 8 23.88
Peterson Paul 184 8 23.00
Krasenics Vic 180 8 22.50
Naumann Susan 180 8 22.50
Dionne James 177 8 22.13
Cuchara Lisa 176 8 22.00
Cuchara Tom 174 8 21.75
Saldana Denise 173 8 21.63
Siegel Howard 170 8 21.25

Harper Bruce 131 6 21.83
Balen Joan 127 6 21.17
Brinckerhoff Linda 110 5 22.00
Rosenthal Fred 104 5 20.80
Antov Andrey 98 4 24.50
Mott Fred 88 4 22.00
Sawyer John 78 4 19.50
Ziemba Rich 78 4 19.50
Yost Art 65 3 21.67
O'Donnell Mary Ellen 44 2 22.00
Lende Ludmila 43 2 21.50
Meredith Hazel 43 2 21.50
Higgs Gary 24 1 24.00
Parisi Bob 20 1 20.00
D'Amico Ron 0 0
Gilroy Frank 0 0
Mahon Gerri 0 0
Messina Joann 0 0
Thomas Linda 0 0
Vietzke Barbara 0 0
Yost Ann 0 0

Prints Last Name First Name Sum Count Ave

Vietzke Barbara 201 8 25.13
Krasenics Vic 198 8 24.75
Brinckerhoff Linda 196 8 24.50
Cuchara Lisa 192 8 24.00
Cuchara Tom 187 8 23.38
Jolley Ed 175 8 21.88
Rosenthal Fred 174 8 21.75

Yost Art 138 6 23.00
Acuzzo Phyllis 131 6 21.83
Peterson Paul 120 5 24.00
O'Donnell Mary Ellen 111 5 22.20
Mott Fred 93 4 23.25
Gilroy Frank 92 4 23.00
Acuzzo Len 91 4 22.75
Lende Ludmila 80 4 20.00
Lynch Donna 66 3 22.00
Castiglione Richard 46 2 23.00
Castiglione Carmela 43 2 21.50
Chatfield Guay 43 2 21.50
Parisi Laura 41 2 20.50
Roberts Fred 41 2 20.50
Thomas Linda 23 1 23.00
Bartini Bill 22 1 22.00
Dailey James 21 1 21.00
D'Amico Ron 0 0

New Haven Camera Club Competition January 2010

Here are the scores for last month's competition. There were so GREAT images! Please send me copies of the FIRST PLACE images, along with some technical information about how they were captured and some aesthetic information about the location, the inspiration, etc. Please email me at photographer67 [at] and I will post them for all to see.

New Haven Camera Club Competition January 2010

Last Name First Name Title Score Award

Electronic A

Antov Andrey Good morning! 27 1st
Antov Andrey Taking off 24
Balen Joan Lily Woodcut 23
Balen Joan Shall We Dance 25 HM
Barnett William Church by the Lake 26 2nd
Barnett William Mother & Baby Orangutan 26 2nd
Brinckerhoff Linda Grazing Zebras 23
Brinckerhoff Linda Ruby Safe and Snug 24
Brinckerhoff Linda Urban Cowgirl 24 Make-Up
Cuchara Lisa Face in the Flower 26 2nd
Cuchara Lisa Lizard Lips 27 1st
Cuchara Tom Black Bird on Lupine 24
Cuchara Tom A Walk in the Forest 23
Dease Kelli Louisa #2 24
Dease Kelli Quinn #2 23
Dease Kelli Quinn 25 Make-Up
Dease Kelli Jameson 24 Make-Up
Meredith Hazel My Only Hummer 24
Meredith Hazel Terraces at Mammoth Hot Springs 23
Peterson Paul Swallowtail Swirl 26 2nd
Peterson Paul Winter In Woodbury 23
Prestash Gary Chestnut Sided Warbler #1 24
Prestash Gary Barred Owl in the Snow 25
Sisken Harold Lupine and tree 26 2nd
Sisken Harold On A Leaf 23
Vietzke Barbara Stormy At Sunset 25 HM
Vietzke Barbara Mist With First Light 25 HM

Electronic B
Bartini Bill Alaskan Moose 23
Bartini Bill Magic Wings 2 22
DAmico Ron Miners Castle 24 HM
DAmico Ron Water Lily 23
Dionne James Grape Hyacinths 22
Dionne James Bronze Fingers 21
Harper Bruce up up in the sky 20
Harper Bruce balloon moon rise 20
Higgs Garry Palletable Mess 21
Higgs Garry Blue Nose Butts 20
Hoikala Bill Holiday Zoom 21
Hoikala Bill Eaton Church 129 22
Lynch Donna The Wall 24 HM
Messina Joann Love Bites 22
Messina Joann Great Egret 22
Messina Laura Red Leaf 22
Messina Laura Under The roses 24 HM
Mott Fred Sedona 24
Mott Fred Eye in the Sky 24 HM
Naumann Susan Field Of Flags 26 1st
Naumann Susan Winter Tulips 25 2nd

O'Donnell Mary_Ellen Plaza In Split 20
O'Donnell Mary_Ellen Lavender Rhododendron 20
Parisi Bob Red Tailed Hawk 23
Parisi Bob Vermont Campus 21
Prestash Fran Yellow Rose Duo 22
Prestash Fran Horses on a Snowy Day 24 HM
Rosenthal Fred Thirsty Gondolier 22
Rosenthal Fred Piran Harbor 22
Saldana Denise Julia Butterfly 23
Saldana Denise Flaming Parrot Tulip 25 2nd
Siegel Howard Lighting Up 23
Siegel Howard Perspective 20
Ziemba Rich Happy St Patrick's Day! 21
Ziemba Rich Indian Boy 24 HM

Electronic S

Balen Joan Latch Hook 23 HM
Balen Joan Old Fashioned Gate Closure 21
Barnett William Big Key in Lock 26 1st
Barnett William Old Door Knob 24 2nd
Brinckerhoff Linda Security System 24 2nd

Brinckerhoff Linda Purple Glass Door Knob 21
Cuchara Lisa Which Door Knob 21
Cuchara Lisa Yale Doors and Locks 23
Cuchara Tom bride thru the keyhole 23 HM
Cuchara Tom Locked up for all eternity 20
Dionne James Capitol Door 24 2nd
Dionne James Twisted Door Knob 22
Harper Bruce Knock 2 times 24 2nd
Harper Bruce 1 knocker 21
Higgs Garry Uncle Arts Lock 24 2nd
Krasenics Vic Castle Door Lock 1 22
Krasenics Vic Castle Door Lock 2 23 HM
Mott Fred Wooden Door 22
Mott Fred Ancient Doorknob 22
Naumann Susan Chapel Door 23 HM
Naumann Susan Kept Under Lock And Key 23 HM
O'Donnell Mary_Ellen Lock and Chain 21
O'Donnell Mary_Ellen Locked in Time 23 HM
Peterson Paul Lock And Key 21
Peterson Paul French Door Handle 21
Rosenthal Fred The Doges Jail Cell 21
Rosenthal Fred Quintuple Protection 21
Saldana Denise Dancing Knobbies 21
Saldana Denise Enter At Your Own Peril 21
Siegel Howard Lock 12 23 HM
Siegel Howard Hair Locks 22
Ziemba Rich Yale Door 23 HM


Brincherhoff Linda Great Horned Owl 24 Make-Up
Brincherhoff Linda Sunflower Baby 24
Brincherhoff Linda South American Rhea 26 Make-Up
Brinkerhoff Linda Ballerina in Venice 28 1st
Cuchara Lisa Pricless Expression 23
Cuchara Lisa Cute Doggie 27 2nd
Cuchara Tom Red Fox 21
Cuchara Tom Lupine 23
Dailey James Sail Ship 21
Jolly Edward My Lighthouse 21 Make-Up
Jolly Edward This Old House 23 Make-Up
Jolly Edward Sun Flower 22
Jolly Edward Shadow Tree 23
Krasenics Vic Base of Coper, Yosemite Falls 24
Krasenics Vic Horsetail Falls & El Capitan (HDR) 26 HM
Mott Fred Crystal Forest 22
Mott Fred Hope For the Harvest 25
Peterson Paul Face of Moth 25
Rosenthal Fred Evil Stare 23
Rosenthal Fred Harlequin 23
Vietzke Barbara Skipping Over the H2O for Take Off 25
Vietzke Barbara Sand Dunes at Dusk 26 HM

Friday, February 5, 2010

Monday's NHCC meeting is Members Night

Here is a list of those doing a 10-15 minute presentations for Monday's NHCC meeting which is Members Night.

Bill Barnett - Using the scanner as a camera

Joan Balen - Doing panoramics

Richard Asarisi - Wildlife 2010 - a slide show set to music

Vic Krasenics - Tripod heads and flash supports

Paul Peterson - Fun with photoshop - simple manipulation in photoshop

Hope to see you all there to support our presenting members!