Monday, February 8, 2010

New Haven Camera Club Competition January 2010

Here are the scores for last month's competition. There were so GREAT images! Please send me copies of the FIRST PLACE images, along with some technical information about how they were captured and some aesthetic information about the location, the inspiration, etc. Please email me at photographer67 [at] and I will post them for all to see.

New Haven Camera Club Competition January 2010

Last Name First Name Title Score Award

Electronic A

Antov Andrey Good morning! 27 1st
Antov Andrey Taking off 24
Balen Joan Lily Woodcut 23
Balen Joan Shall We Dance 25 HM
Barnett William Church by the Lake 26 2nd
Barnett William Mother & Baby Orangutan 26 2nd
Brinckerhoff Linda Grazing Zebras 23
Brinckerhoff Linda Ruby Safe and Snug 24
Brinckerhoff Linda Urban Cowgirl 24 Make-Up
Cuchara Lisa Face in the Flower 26 2nd
Cuchara Lisa Lizard Lips 27 1st
Cuchara Tom Black Bird on Lupine 24
Cuchara Tom A Walk in the Forest 23
Dease Kelli Louisa #2 24
Dease Kelli Quinn #2 23
Dease Kelli Quinn 25 Make-Up
Dease Kelli Jameson 24 Make-Up
Meredith Hazel My Only Hummer 24
Meredith Hazel Terraces at Mammoth Hot Springs 23
Peterson Paul Swallowtail Swirl 26 2nd
Peterson Paul Winter In Woodbury 23
Prestash Gary Chestnut Sided Warbler #1 24
Prestash Gary Barred Owl in the Snow 25
Sisken Harold Lupine and tree 26 2nd
Sisken Harold On A Leaf 23
Vietzke Barbara Stormy At Sunset 25 HM
Vietzke Barbara Mist With First Light 25 HM

Electronic B
Bartini Bill Alaskan Moose 23
Bartini Bill Magic Wings 2 22
DAmico Ron Miners Castle 24 HM
DAmico Ron Water Lily 23
Dionne James Grape Hyacinths 22
Dionne James Bronze Fingers 21
Harper Bruce up up in the sky 20
Harper Bruce balloon moon rise 20
Higgs Garry Palletable Mess 21
Higgs Garry Blue Nose Butts 20
Hoikala Bill Holiday Zoom 21
Hoikala Bill Eaton Church 129 22
Lynch Donna The Wall 24 HM
Messina Joann Love Bites 22
Messina Joann Great Egret 22
Messina Laura Red Leaf 22
Messina Laura Under The roses 24 HM
Mott Fred Sedona 24
Mott Fred Eye in the Sky 24 HM
Naumann Susan Field Of Flags 26 1st
Naumann Susan Winter Tulips 25 2nd

O'Donnell Mary_Ellen Plaza In Split 20
O'Donnell Mary_Ellen Lavender Rhododendron 20
Parisi Bob Red Tailed Hawk 23
Parisi Bob Vermont Campus 21
Prestash Fran Yellow Rose Duo 22
Prestash Fran Horses on a Snowy Day 24 HM
Rosenthal Fred Thirsty Gondolier 22
Rosenthal Fred Piran Harbor 22
Saldana Denise Julia Butterfly 23
Saldana Denise Flaming Parrot Tulip 25 2nd
Siegel Howard Lighting Up 23
Siegel Howard Perspective 20
Ziemba Rich Happy St Patrick's Day! 21
Ziemba Rich Indian Boy 24 HM

Electronic S

Balen Joan Latch Hook 23 HM
Balen Joan Old Fashioned Gate Closure 21
Barnett William Big Key in Lock 26 1st
Barnett William Old Door Knob 24 2nd
Brinckerhoff Linda Security System 24 2nd

Brinckerhoff Linda Purple Glass Door Knob 21
Cuchara Lisa Which Door Knob 21
Cuchara Lisa Yale Doors and Locks 23
Cuchara Tom bride thru the keyhole 23 HM
Cuchara Tom Locked up for all eternity 20
Dionne James Capitol Door 24 2nd
Dionne James Twisted Door Knob 22
Harper Bruce Knock 2 times 24 2nd
Harper Bruce 1 knocker 21
Higgs Garry Uncle Arts Lock 24 2nd
Krasenics Vic Castle Door Lock 1 22
Krasenics Vic Castle Door Lock 2 23 HM
Mott Fred Wooden Door 22
Mott Fred Ancient Doorknob 22
Naumann Susan Chapel Door 23 HM
Naumann Susan Kept Under Lock And Key 23 HM
O'Donnell Mary_Ellen Lock and Chain 21
O'Donnell Mary_Ellen Locked in Time 23 HM
Peterson Paul Lock And Key 21
Peterson Paul French Door Handle 21
Rosenthal Fred The Doges Jail Cell 21
Rosenthal Fred Quintuple Protection 21
Saldana Denise Dancing Knobbies 21
Saldana Denise Enter At Your Own Peril 21
Siegel Howard Lock 12 23 HM
Siegel Howard Hair Locks 22
Ziemba Rich Yale Door 23 HM


Brincherhoff Linda Great Horned Owl 24 Make-Up
Brincherhoff Linda Sunflower Baby 24
Brincherhoff Linda South American Rhea 26 Make-Up
Brinkerhoff Linda Ballerina in Venice 28 1st
Cuchara Lisa Pricless Expression 23
Cuchara Lisa Cute Doggie 27 2nd
Cuchara Tom Red Fox 21
Cuchara Tom Lupine 23
Dailey James Sail Ship 21
Jolly Edward My Lighthouse 21 Make-Up
Jolly Edward This Old House 23 Make-Up
Jolly Edward Sun Flower 22
Jolly Edward Shadow Tree 23
Krasenics Vic Base of Coper, Yosemite Falls 24
Krasenics Vic Horsetail Falls & El Capitan (HDR) 26 HM
Mott Fred Crystal Forest 22
Mott Fred Hope For the Harvest 25
Peterson Paul Face of Moth 25
Rosenthal Fred Evil Stare 23
Rosenthal Fred Harlequin 23
Vietzke Barbara Skipping Over the H2O for Take Off 25
Vietzke Barbara Sand Dunes at Dusk 26 HM

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