Friday, February 26, 2010

Second NECCC Digital Slide Interclub Competition Results

Dear Club Members,

The following photos were used to represent New Haven Camera Club in the Winter NECCC Digital Slide Interclub Competition.

In the Pictorial Competition:

New Haven, Gilroy, Frank, Winter Light, 21

New Haven, Harper, Bruce, Light Curves, 21

New Haven, Naumann, Susan, Milkweed In Autumn, 21

New Haven, Vietzke, Barbara, Before the Storm, 21

In this competition each judge scores between 3 and 9 for a total range of 9 to 27.

New Haven was tied with Greater Lynn for second place in this competition with 84 points. Candlewood Camera Club was in first with 85 points. Of the 15 clubs in Class A, 8 of them had between 81 and 85 points. Overall we are in the middle of the pack.

In the Nature Competition:

New Haven, Antov, Andrey, Yellow and Blue, 23

New Haven, Barnett, William, Orangutan Mother, 24, HM

New Haven, Cuchara, Lisa, Bluebird Winging It, 23

New Haven, Prestash, Gary, Lesser Yellowlegs at Jamaica Bay, 23

This competition uses the same scoring system as the Pictorial competition. First place in this competition was Cape Cod Viewfinders with 99 points, second place went to the Boston West Photographic Society with 98 points, and third place went to the Charter Oak Photographic Society with 94 points. We had 93 points. Overall after 2 out of three competitions we are tied for fourth place out of 12 clubs in Class A.

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