Monday, November 17, 2008

The results of the individual entries in the Fall NECCC Electronic Photograph Interclub Competition are shown below.

Pictorial competition:
Name Title Score Award
Peterson, Paul Dutchman's Breeches 23
Balen, Joan Dawn on Lake Winnipesaukee 23
Parisi, Bob Bass Harbor Lighthouse 24 HM
Sisken, Harold Flower Bud 25 1st

Nature competition:
Prestash, Gary Whitebreasted Nuthatch 24
Asarisi, Richard Broadbill 27 1st
Krasenics, Vic Green Heron w Moth 26 HM
Peterson, Paul Golden Eagle 26 HM

Congratulations to all of you, particularly Harold and Richard who won one of the 1st place awards in their competitions, though as part of a 5- or 6-way tie. Your entries will automatically be included in the photograph of the year competitions at the end of the year.

Continuing last year's winning ways, New Haven was first in both competitions, though the scores are close. Keep submitting the excellent photos into competition that allow us to compete with the best clubs of New England.

Pictorial competition, first five clubs:

Club Score Place
New Haven 95 1st
Seacoast 94 2nd
Boston West 94 2nd
Photo Society of RI 93
Gateway 93

Nature competition, first five clubs:

Club Score Place
New Haven 103 1st
Gateway 101 2nd
Stony Brook 99 3rd
Cape Cod Viewfinders 97
Charter Oak 97

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