PROGRAM: Forests: The Art of Photographing Trees and Woods February 12th (7 PM Zoom only)

FORESTS: The Art of Photographing Trees and Woods                                          by Mark Bowie

                        February 12th - Zoom Only

In celebration of the majesty of trees and woodlands, this program examines in-depth the fine art of seeing and photographing these magnificent life forms.  

It is commonly thought that to photograph forests well, one has to make order out of the chaos. That's true, but there’s so much more to artfully portraying trees.  I’ll delve deep into seeing creative possibilities, composing for visual separation and to accentuate lines, forms, patterns and textures.  

I'll offer strategies for photographing deep inside forests, along their edges and from on high, and illustrate the artistic opportunities presented by different weather and lighting conditions, most notably, fog. 

Good tree and forest imagery is also elevated through artistic processing. I'll cover effective contrast and color adjustments, image softening techniques, abstract expressionism and amazing black and white conversion — all with the goal of creating moodyatmospheric woodland images that convey the beauty, grace and power of trees.

Mark Bowie is a professional nature photographer, writer and much sought-after public speaker.  He has done three coffee table books on his native Adirondacks, has authored two extensive e-books on night photography, and one on his photographic journey, Finding November.  He has also released two instructional videos, FORESTS: The Art of Photographing Trees & Woods and Multiple Exposures for Maximum Landscapes.  Mark is a staff instructor for the Adirondack Photography Institute and leads landscape photography workshops.  For more on his work visit his website,