PROGRAM: "Judging Photography in the Digital Age" - October 9, 2023

On Monday, October 9 at 7PM, Paul Peterson will present his program “Judging Photography in the Digital Age.” This program will cover topics such as the basics of a good photograph, the scoring system used in camera club competitions, extending the vision of camera clubs, and more.

Paul has been judging camera club competitions for 40 years. His first program on judging “You be the Judge” was presented when we were all shooting film. When people started making the change from film to digital, he updated the program. Now that we are all shooting digital photographs, the program has been updated once again to reflect the kinds of photos which are regularly seen in club competitions. The program is being offered early in the season so that our members can use some of the knowledge they gain when they submit images into competition.

Whether you are considering becoming a camera club judge or whether you are just trying to improve your own photography, this program will be of interest to you. 

The program will be given in person at North Haven Congregational Church Hall and it will be on Zoom as well for people who can’t get to North Haven in person. The Zoom link will be sent to members later in the week. Make sure you join us for this informative program.