The deadlines for 2 of the NECCC services is rapidly approaching:

  1. NEW- NECCC Individual print comp(with Critique)- Prints due by mail (Oct 28, 2023) if submitting in person-they are due the morning of the judging Nov.4. Please see attachments for full information: direct link   09_Interclub-Print-Competition-Schedule.pdf (  #9 on the NECCC services packet page
  2.  NECCC Interclub Competition-Images due November 3, 2023 Competition November 18, 2023  

  Direct link to page: 10_Digital_Competitions.pdf (  #10 on the NECCC services packet page


This year the NECCC has replaced the interclub print competition with an individual print competition.  This means that ANY member can compete.  

Due to the decrease in participation in Interclub Print competitions, NECCC has decided to put the interclub competitions on hold for this year and  have 2 Individual print competitions to continue to keep prints active for those of you who love to do prints and compete in prints. Below are the most important items of the competition and how to enter.


There will be two competitions hosted by Greater Lynn Photographic Association (GLPA): Saturday, November 4, 2023 and Saturday, April 6. 2024. There are two sections; monochrome and color.  One print can be submitted in each section. (See guidelines attached.) ALL prints are eligible whether or not it has ever won an award at an NECCC interclub competition or conference competition.

Any individual who wishes to compete may mail their prints in prior to the deadline or they can drop them off the morning of the judging, attend the judging (11am- about 3pm) and then take their prints home at the end of the day.  There is no entry fee; however if an entrant wishes their prints submitted by mail, to be returned, they must include in the print package a postal return fee of $15 (check made out to NECCC) or a return prepaid shipping label for FedEx or UPS.  There is no fee if you do not want your prints returned


If you are submitting prints, an online entry form must be filled out one week prior to the competition.  See attachment for complete dates for print and entry form submission deadlines.  Please note: If an online entry form is not filled out prior to the submission of the prints, the prints will not be accepted.  The entry form will be used to generate a scoring chart, and print labels and awards, so this must be filled out.  Each print must have a title ("Untitled" is NOT a title).  Your own label, with a title and your name corresponding to the online entry form, must be affixed to the back of your print.  Judging labels for scoring and entry information will be generated by GLPA based on the information submitted on the online entry form and will be affixed on the print for you at the time of submission.  All prints will be judged by three qualified judges using a regulation light box and an electronic scoring device.  All scores will be recorded on the back of the prints on an official NECCC label.  Each judge will be scoring on a scale of 1-5; therefore, the highest score a print could receive is 15.  All prints will have a short critique by one of the judges after it has been scored.  For this reason, consider attending in person!  In order to make it easier for the audience in attendance to see the prints, the prints will also be projected on a 12-foot screen in the front of the hall at the same time the judges will be judging and viewing them in the light box.  Note: Mounting and Print Presentation is generally considered in the overall score by the judge


AWARDS: General Awards per Section (Monochrome and Color)

     Best of Show Medal

    Three Judges' Choice Medals

    Honor Award Ribbons - 10% of total entries

Individual Category Awards


    Best Nature - John Fuller Memorial Award

    Best Photo Travel - Daniel Charbonnet Memorial Award


    Best Landscape/Seascape - J. Owen Santer Memorial Award

    Best Nature - Harold Ahern Memorial Award

All Best of Show and Category Medals will be picture medals, with the print image on the medal.  The Judges' Choice medal plaques will not have the print images on the medals.  All medal plaques will be engraved and mailed to the makers after the judging.  All winning print images will be displayed on the NECCC website and will be reproduced in the NECCC Bulletin.  All award-winning prints will be photographed immediately after judging.  This means if you are in attendance and a winner you will have to stay for approximately 15 minutes post judging to have it photographed prior to taking your print home.


Address for Mailing Prints (by USPO, FedEx, UPS)

Larry Dunn, MNEC

12 Susan Drive

Lynn, MA  01904


GLPA Address for Attending Judging: Building is handicapped access-parking in rear of the building or next door in the church lot- see map to club with image of the building attached.

564 Boston Street,

Lynn, MA  01905


Deadline for Online Entry Form: Saturday, October 28, 2023

Deadline for Receipt of Mailed Prints:  Saturday, October 28, 2023

Time Table to Drop off Prints at GLPA:  Saturday, November 4, 2023 between 9:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

Competition Date and Judging:  Saturday, November 4, 2023 11 a.m. to about 3 p.m.  Note: There will not be a lunch break.

Link to Online Entry Form


Please enter, as if we do not receive enough entries this may be  a one-time thing only.

Best regards,

Susan Mosser, HonPSA, HonNEC

NECCC Steering Committee Chair