Sunday, March 21, 2021

"Creative Choices for Close-Up Photography – Backgrounds and Lighting" by Dennis Goulet April 5th Via Zoom


Part of a more comprehensive program on close-up tools and techniques, this program explores techniques to manage how the background is captured to ensure that the subject is the most important element in the image. Seeing and eliminating distracting elements, taking advantage of local conditions, and even using studio techniques to completely control the environment behind the subject.

Many of our best subjects are either in too much light, or too little light, to capture the image we envision. Techniques for controlling the light we have and adding light will be discussed along with remedies for harsh lighting, and using LED lights and off camera flash to put light where we need it, or to solve motion blurring due to long exposures.

Dennis Goulet's Bio

A member of Photographic Society of Rhode Island, Dennis Goulet concentrates his photographic endeavors on nature and landscape subjects. He is a past president and past chairman of the board of New England Camera Club Council (NECCC) and currently a vice president. He gives presentations on photographic technique at camera clubs, has presented seven times at NECCC annual photography conference, and was the General Chairman of the NECCC 2013 and 2014 annual photography conferences.

Dennis’ images have appeared in several magazines including Audubon, Nature’s Best Photography, Wild Bird, Birder’s World, Rhode Island Monthly, Outdoor Photographer and Sierra, as well as on the websites of Audubon and National Wildlife Magazine. His image of a Green-breasted Mango was selected Grand Prize Winner of Audubon magazine’s 2010 Birds-In-Focus photography contest.

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