Thursday, February 11, 2021

Photo Challenge for February: Boothe Memorial Park, Stratford, CT


                            BOOTHE MEMORIAL PARK, STRATFORD CT

Since so many club members tried going to Gulf Beach, we’re going to do this again!! Between now and February 28th, you can go to Boothe Memorial Park, 5800 Main Street, Stratford CT and take any type of photos. 

This 32-acre park was donated to the Town of Stratford by the Boothe family in 1911.  It is open to the public and has a number of building and gardens.  It could be a challenge in the winter months but our hope is that you will be inspired to try something different, especially off-season. 

And our next Assigned Subject is “windows and doors” and you will find many there.   So get up and going!!

Each photographer should send Colleen no more than 4 images, sized as usual 1400 x 1050.   Please name them using this format:  ayost_01, ayost_02 etc.  And then email them to Colleen at  Remember the deadline is February 28th. 

The images will be put together into a slideshow and shown at next month’s meeting.  No judging or comments.  Just for fun and to share with your NHCC colleagues!!

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