Wednesday, February 24, 2021


                                                  …. NEXT PHOTO CHALLENGE


There’s still time to share your vision of the beautiful Boothe Memorial Park!

Between now and February 28th, take a ride to Boothe Memorial Park, 5800 Main Street, Stratford CT and see what attracts your artistic vision.

Submit up to 4 photos.  The images will be put together into a slideshow and shown at next month’s meeting.  No judging or comments.  Just for fun and to share with your NHCC colleagues!!

Each photographer should send Colleen Reilly no more than 4 images, sized as usual competition 1400 px by 1050 px.   Please name them using this format:  ayost_01, ayost_02 etc.  And then email them to Colleen at 

Have fun! And remember the deadline is February 28th. 

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