Friday, January 22, 2021





Be a part of our upcoming presentation, “Winter at Gulf Beach”.

Your images are due January 29.


And there’s so much to discover at Gulf Beach on Gulf Street in Milford.

It will be lots of fun to see what each photographer finds interesting about the same stretch of land.


Everyone can go on their own schedule and take photos. There are lots of options such as the pier, sunrise shots, close ups of sand or other objects, sunsets with silhouettes of people or perhaps a boat going by. 


Then chose up to 4 pictures, do some post-processing and size them to our usual 1400 x 1050.  Be sure to name each one using this formatting example: ayost_01, ayost_02 etc.  And finally send to Colleen Reilly at colleen@halleycomm.netDeadline is January 29th.


The images will be put into a slideshow and shown at an upcoming meeting – just for fun. 

This isn’t a contest and there will be no judging.  So – dust off your camera, hop in the car and visit Gulf Beach. 

We hope to see you there!

Free parking is available off season. 


Click on each photo for a larger view.



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