Wednesday, May 20, 2020

2020 NHCCC survey results

In 2015 NHCC asked members to take a survey to learn more

At the winter meeting of the NHCCC board meeting, Bill Hoikala suggested that it was time for another survey and the board agreed.

37 members took the 2015 survey and 34 members took the 2020 survey.  Results are below.
They can also be downloaded here as a pdf:

Showing 12 responses

  • I prefer a combination         
  • Only took one short field trip 
  • Due to scheduling issues I have not participated in field trips. 
  • Wasn't sure what the question was; when my schedule allows, I have enjoyed all venues and do not have a preference one over the other-it is just a matter of timing and schedules. \
  • I prefer all day local field trips (weekday) and overnight multiple day non-local field trips. 
  • All day weekday trips or longer trips preferably during the week. It's nice to be retired! 
  • Wish there was the ability to choose more than one, ex: 3 choices.
  • I would enjoy day long field trips during the day. I would, also, enjoy a yearly field trip that would be for several days anywhere in the country or out of the country. 
  • I would be open to any type of field trips. 
  • Try to make some of the field trips coincide with the upcoming assigned categories for competitions.
  • I don't much care for carpooling to field trips as I view it as a less flexible way of scheduling my time. 
  • It really doesn't matter to me what the field trip is. If I can afford it and I have the time I will go on as many as I can
Please provide any field trip suggestions

  • Sunrise / Sunsets
  • Hammonasset Meigs point and bay trail
  • I've been to the Pacific NW and have always fantasized about leading or co-leading a trip to the many sites there. 
  • Wicked Tulips, RI. Newport, RI. Mystic, CT. Hartford Rose Garden. Hill-Stead Mansion, West Hartford. 
  • Bronx Zoo during the week. Waterfall trip in the Fall. Penn, Ricketts Glen State Park (Waterfalls) 
  • Are there any places to photograph horses? 
  • the polo riding venue in Cheshire 
  • Any of the national parks and historic sights (e.g. Williamsburg, Alexandria, Virginia).          
  • Bronx zoo, weir farm in Wilton CT 
  • local gardens, NHJCC members houses
Do you have a favorite local spot for your photography?
  • Ct State Parks,
  • Not really. I like churches and architecture.
  • Elizabeth Park, White Flower Farm
  • Edgerton Park and Pardee Rose Garden
  • Maltby Lakes RWA
  • NE and NW CT. as well as Vermont/New Hampshire.
  • Any garden
  • Nonexistent
  • Ct. Waterfalls and sea shores.
  • Hammonasset
  • Elizabeth Gardens in Hartford Crickett Hill Peony Heaven in Thomaston
  • No
  • no. I like to take people pictures. not many places to go for that
  • Beardsley Zoo
  • Wadsworth and Hammonasette
  • Elizabeth Park, White Flower Farm
  • N/A, I live in Florida
  • Wherever I can find birds 
  • Gulf Beach

  • I don’t have a lot of photo experience.
  • Sorry, not right now 
  • Do so already

Showing 6 responses
  • They ARE informative, allow members to know each other better, and are fun. 
  • I have presented
  • Just recently started to attend club meetings 
  • I don't have a laptop.
  • They are all based on Photoshop. I don't use Photoshop Lisa's comment, we have had workshops on image critique, shooting flowers at Paul's, shooting flowers on a lightbox, using smartphones, making slideshows, greeting cards, Creative Projects with Your Photos, night photography, Photo pills, flash photography and more. Make sure that you are subscribed to the NHCCC blog to receive notifications about workshops.
  • N/A, I live in Florida
What workshop topics would you like to see offered at NHCC?

  • possibly 'Hands on' Camera functions (Nikon, Canon etc)         
  • Lightroom Photoshop advanced skills
  • Image Critique 
  • Photoshop
  • OnOne 
  • bring back the judging workshop
  • Cross polarization with clear plastic to create colored patterns. 
  • Displaying one's images on the web. Pro's and con's of each website
  • judging workshop
  • Specific and practical approaches to photographing a type of location or subject. 
  • Composition
  • low light or evening photography 
  • Another judging workshop
  • indoor photography using modified speedlights, maybe with a model (could be a man) 
  • how to process images; painterly techniques; best practices in LR; how to shoot birds; plugins 
  • More software oriented workshop sessions. 
  • Photoshop, hands on using your camera
  • principles of judging photography competitions
  • photographing flowers
  • slideshows
  • infrared
Are there any special photography skills you would like to impart to your fellow NHCC members?

  • I'm pretty much a beginner.
  • Assembling an iMovie. 
  • Photography as Meditation. 
  • Nope
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • Flower Photography with Light Boxes
  • no 
  • I gave a Still Life Presentation last year at Wallingford Camera Club by request. I was a member of the Club at the time.

  • Have a salon group
  • I would like to see a category for photos that are unedited. 
  • don't know
  • I would keep A and B classes as they are. However, moving up should be automatically done by acquiring a certain average or criterion. Lisa's note -- this is already in the NHCC handbook. The maker with the highest cumulative average automatically moves up. If there are 2 or even three people that are very very close for cumulative score, then all move up.
  • Keep Class A and B separate, as they are presently, Maybe eliminate ties for 1st , 2nd and HM  Lisa's note --this would take significantly more time during competition, plus it woudl result in way fewer ribbons.


  • don't know
  • I would like the title of the photo prior to scores. The title of the photo tells the story Lisa's note -- this has been debated at the NHCC board meetings for at least the past 20 years (since 2000). The title is read before the judge comments, but the board remains firm that the photo tells the story, a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Photographers' preference for being named. Also, how about scoring submitted photos before the NHCC meeting, and using meeting time to show photos and results with more time for comments. Eliciting constructive comments from group would help members feel they are participating and it might contribute to members' confidence in stepping forward to be trained to be judges. Lisa's note -- we cannot do this on a case by case basis (photographer's preference) it has to be all or nothing since displaying the maker's name is in the preferences of the software -- it is all or nothing.

Showing 4 responses

  • Switching to digital ribbons would also save meeting time for viewing and commenting on photos submitted.
  • Happy with either. 
  • Ribbons are tangible proof of success. One can always opt out of receiving them. 
  • Digital ribbons would be a great way for us to display our awards on our website, on social media, etc. So many people would be able to see our success.