Sunday, April 12, 2020

Monday April 13th -- see you on Zoom!

Due to COVID NHCC will be meeting via Zoom on April 13th...

To find the link for the private Join Zoom Meeting see PhotoContest Pro

--Using your laptop or iPad is probably easiest (copy and paste this link itno a new tab on your browser) as almost all laptops have a mic and webcam.
--If you are using your desktop you need to make sure that you have a webcame and a mic.
--You can also sign in on your smart phone and zee and hear that way.
--There is also a way to listen in and talk on your home phone (not no video/photos)

Social event and Check in on everyone
You may upload two images to PhotoContest pro...
You can submit one image for show and tell
You can submit one image for critique by Paula and Bill and Tom
You will see the link for the meeting on PhotoContest Pro
neither the link nor password should be shared or emailed
The easiest way to login is to click on the link on your iPhone, ipad, etc.
your mobile device has a camera and a mic so this is easiest.
you will be prompted to download the Zoom app
if possible download the zoom app before Monday so everyone joins at 7pm
You could also click on the link on your PC or Mac
but check to make sure that your monitor has a webcam (see end of thjis post)
if possible download the zoom app before Monday so everyone joins at 7pm
you can also dial in on your house phone (for sound only)

A "Show and Tell" image
an image that you created during COVID (at home or in your yard, we are not encouraging people to disobey the stay at home directive)

Enter an image that you would like constructive feedback on. This is your opportunity to get advice on a new technique, something you are trying to learn, a genre that is not your specialty, etc.. This is not supposed to be 'show your best', but rather show something that almost worked or something that you are working on. Paul, Bill and Tom will critique

Topic: Zoom Meeting 4-13-20
Time: Apr 4, 2020 7-9 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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