Tuesday, January 21, 2020

January Competition Entries due Friday

January 27 Competition Entries are due Friday, January 24

Photo Contest Pro has been set up to accept entries for our first competition of  2020.

The competition will be on Monday, January 27. Entries are due by Friday, January 24,

at 11:59 PM

This year the image size allowed has changed. In the past, images could be up to

1024 pixels in height or width.

Now images can be 1400 pixels wide and 1050 pixels high. This change is in keeping with

the New England Camera Club Council which has changed its image sizes for interclub competitions.

If you accidentally forget to resize your images, Photo Contest Pro may still accept

them if they are not too far off.

However, everyone should strive to resize their images to conform to the guidelines.

One last reminder - The assigned subject for January is Zoo Photography.

Scores to be put on the Blog soon after the Competition

In response to members who would like scores to be posted as soon as possible, Paul Peterson has agreed
to try to post scores within a day or two after each competition. These will be the raw scores in each category.
They will NOT include cumulative scores for the year which will need to be calculated.

If you have signed up to have the Blog sent to your email address, you will receive these scores automatically.

The scores will appear as in this example from the October Class A Assigned Subject competition:

Inline image

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