Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Celestial Nightscapes Presentation Web Links

Celestial Nightscapes Presentation Web Links
© Mark Bowie 2019

Websites & Products Mentioned
Workshops, Photography Info
markbowie.com – new website in production
adkpi.org - Adirondack Photography Institute workshops
Cape Cod Art CenterMark’s Cape Cod workshops


Solunarforecast.com – moon’s daily trajectory
spaceflight1.nasa.gov – Int’l Space Shuttle schedules
blue-marble.de/nightlights/2012 _ - World at night maps
wunderground.comweather & satellite radar
Dofmaster.com – Hyperfocal distance charts
PhotoPills – lots of helpful assets, including night shooting planner
Clear Outside – weather & stargazing conditions
Dark Sky Map – light pollution map
Stellarium – free planetarium software

singh-ray.com - filters
sunwayfoto.us – panorama equipment
reallyrightstuff.com – panorama equipment, tripods, heads, & more
hahnel.ie - hahnel Giga T Pro II intervalometer
Pelican Model 2720 – headlamp with hands free on & off
mkcontrols.com - Lightning Bug

creative.adobe.com/plans/photography - Lightroom & Photoshop Subscription Plan
Ptgui.com – HDR panorama software
https://nikcollection.dxo.com - for HDR Efex Pro, Silver Efex Pro, & more
Stellarium.org – Free planetarium software
Topaz DeNoise – noise reduction software
markus-enzweiler.de/software/software.html - StarStax - free star stacking program
itunes.apple.com/us/app/starry-landscape-stacker/id550326617?mt=12 - Starry Landscape Stacker star stacking program
Sequator - star stacking program for Windows
lrtimelapse.com - LR Timelapse - time lapse movie software
Time Lapse Assembler - time lapse movie software for Mac
iMovie – time lapse movie software for Mac
Moviemaker for Mac - time lapse movie software
Windows 10 Photos app – time lapse movie software (Movie Maker for Windows no longer supported)
VirtualDub – free time lapse movie software for PC
Final Cut Pro X – video processing

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