Sunday, April 22, 2018

NHCC May Field Trip

NHCC May Field Trip

Our NHCC club has a field trip scheduled for Wednesday, May 16th  to The MET Cloisters located at 99 Margaret Corbin Dr at Fort Tryon Park, NY and Untermeyer Gardens at 945 North Broadway in Yonkers, NY.

 The Cloisters is located on four acres overlooking the Hudson River in northern Manhattan's Fort Tryon Park, and is the branch of the MET Museum dedicated to the art, architecture, and gardens of medieval Europe. Deriving its name from the medieval cloisters that form the core of the building, it presents a harmonious and evocative setting for more than 2,000 exceptional artworks and architectural elements from the medieval West. The Untermeyer Gardens is a nonprofit and has many acres of grounds with flowers, some architecture and beautiful grounds located on the Hudson River. It is a beautiful park to explore.

Both locations are great treasures for photographers. All NHCC members are invited to both locations. If you want to just go to one location, we would still love to have you join us.  We will start out at the Cloisters which is located right off the Henry Hudson Parkway in the morning and then stop by the Untermeyer Gardens on the way home.  Our time will be announced when we get a little closer to the trip.

There is no cost for the Untermeyer Gardens but there is a cost for the Cloisters. At the Cloisters the amount you pay is up to you. Ticket includes same-day admission to The Met Fifth Avenue, The Met Breuer, and The Met Cloisters.

The suggested amount for admission is Adults $25 Seniors $17 for students.

Please signup for this trip at the NHCC meetings or contact any member of the trip committee. $25

NHCC meetings are free and open to the public, BUT you must be a paid member in order to attend field trips, workshops, compete in image competitions, etc.

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