Friday, January 26, 2018

Assigned subject

The Assigned subject was implemented decades ago to challenge you to think outside the box, to photograph new things, to take new photographs with intent. NHCCC member vote on assigned subject categories every Spring and the 8 topics are announced so that members have all summer, and longer, to find and photograph subjects that fit the assigned subject.

For example, the Assigned subject for January was fisheye and some people interpreted that to mean a photograph taken with a fisheye lens and other interpreted it to literally mean a fish eye.

The next four Assigned subjects are as will you interpret them? NHCC challenges to you enter images into the assigned subject :-)

Feb - Diagonal Line (s)
March - Junkyard items
April - Light Painting (outside)
May - Abandoned Buildings

Light Painting basically means using a flashlight or a LED light to illuminate your subject
our favorite LED Light and a good flashlight for lightpainting

some tips and inspiration for light painting

from here

Image result for light painting
from here:

Image by maistora

Image by mikeleary83

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