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"Creative Smart Phone Photography" by Melissa M. Fraser

"Creative Smart Phone Photography" by Melissa M. Fraser

Melissa gaev an excellent program, she said that she would send her notes and there they are...

Popular website to promote photography, kind of like facebook for photography.  You get the app, sign in to an account to be able to edit and post photos.  You can play with specific aspects of the photo or the preset settings part. Hash tags allow your photo to be grouped or found if that specific hash tag is searched. 

Both shooting and editing apps and some do both, most you can use after the fact so shoot the image first then play later.

Camera Plus(ipad and iphone)
not going to show you this whole app, due to time and mostly because I have not fully played with it all.  But if  you don’t have a macro lens this is a great macro set up without loosing resolution:  click the plus upper right to the middle shutter button click the macro to create in cameral macro without loosing resolution.

HDR, High Dynamic Range Photography:
I have three HDR Apps, some work better for different scenes and I usually play with all three to get the best image.  They work taking different exposures and blend a final image to get a dynamic range of light that one aperture cannot possibly handle.  Good in situations with sky and darker scenery to capture both.  I use True HDR (iphone,ipad) Pro HDR (iphone, ipad, for android) and Vivid hdr (iphone, ipad)

Today we will review vivid HDR:
Open to the shooting mode,  left hand side had the presets, but you can change these after before saving, the middle button is the shutter, the right hand side is the help which shows you the settings on the app.  If you swipe from left to right you will see the images you have shot in your gallery, if you swipe from right to left you get the control settings.  The top icon lets you pick the number of images that get combined 5, 3 or auto select.  I typically leave it on 5, this means its taking 5 images to give you the dynamic light.  The next item is the geotag, this will allow your photo to be geo tagged, your preference. The next one gives you a grid or no grid, the grid is helpful for composition of your image as needed.  IN the next tab you can connect it with facebook or other apps, I do not have this set up so I am not sure if it would automatically post or not? The last tab is to set up your saving mode.  You can save to camera roll, as tiff or jpeg, Lazy HDR?, .  If uses 5mg if only saving to app, 8mg if saving to cameral roll and app and 11mg per image if you save the original image. 

You can change the area of focus by taping your finger on the spot you want in focus.  You then create your image, press the shutter and the image will appear, since its taking multiple images, on a tripod or something to steady the image is best otherwise the image will be blurry when they combine. 

A slider allows you to see the original and the hdr compiled image and the button 5 settings can be used at this time to change from natural lively dramatic bleach and gray art.  You can trash the image and start over(bottom right) or play with the image brightness.  click the check mark to save the image based on your preset value. 

Glaze: Iphone ipad app
Open to editing page, bottom left loads image.  ? give you a review of what the buttons are in case you forgot, * lets you buy add ons, you will notice they are not all available until you purchase the upgrade which I have not done yet.  Next bar is to safe image and the hammer and wrench does a random style.  Click on a gain to remove setting.  I usually just run through the various painting effects to find one I like. Click to save you can email it, tweet it, or save to camera roll (gallery) you can choose the resolution, I always use the source for the largest one, sometimes it will say resolution this high will crash the app, but I have never had it crash.

Distressed Fx (ipad and iphone app)
Opens in editing mode.  Use top left camera to load image  from camera or camera roll, doesn’t have to be square.  Tear drop lower left allows you to blur part of the image.  Bottom right with toggles allows you to alter brightness contrast and saturation.  I usually start with the top row and switch them out until I find one pleasing then I add in the second row to see if it enhances it.  Top row second to last has birds you can add in for an effect.  The last one on the bottom row allows you to overlay a second image you have taken over the first image to allow for double exposures. Top right arrow allows you to save the image to email, twitter facebook instagram dropbox or camera roll (I usually use just camera roll).

Autopainter (now Autopainter II and III) iphone ipad
Opens in editing mode.  With a brief instructions page.  You select image first bottom left from camera or album.  Click on the right hand side with different painter types, it will then process. you can stop an any time during the process by hitting the bottom button if you have an image you want to stop there. The paintbrush above the painter effect will allow you to paint an area that needs more attention like a face or other part of the image that needs more detail.  Then save image, goes to camera roll.

Color Splash: iphone ipad
Opens resumes session or load a new image or you can use the camera. When you load it will remove the color.  Use the bottom left to pan and zoom to a certain spot for better color control.  Color (middle) adds color back and gray (right) removed color so you can make the color just where you want it.  Top left is the settings bar, ? is a tutorial, not sure what the head does?  The lines are the settings for brightness contract etc. paintbrush allows you to control the amount of color that comes back full speed or diffuse. Backwards circle removes last stroke.  Save image is located in settings the bard to the upper left.

Waterlogue: iphone ipad app
Camera symbol on the bottom left, opens the camera roll.  Choose a photo and then move through the bottom types of watercolor to decide which you like.  To the right you will find a format small medium large giant changes the image type.  You can also add a boarder or not.

Burst Mode:
Creative shooting app. (iphone and ipad)
Again opens in shooting mode.  Upper left, turns on your flash (flashlight).  Top right will turn he camera incase you need to do a selfieJ. Settings, has a self timer mode, this is how many seconds before the images start taking (there is a music beep countdown) you want to set your picture size on full (for max photo) you can set the photo count from 5-1000, of course the more photos the larger the file, I usually use 10.  You can also set the delay between photos, usually I have it set on 0.5 sec, but of course this also depends on your subject and what you are looking to do creatively.  I keep the auto lock AF on and the you can change the grid on or off, again this is more for composition.  The volume shutter on or off will allow you to hear the count down.  Also instructions listed here and contact information for the app.
Shutter starts the shooting
Three bars on left bottom is for playing with the images:
You will see sessions for each image shot.  Click on the session you want to play with and click edit.  Select all will quickly select all but you can also click on certain images as many as you want.  You can create a photo sequence which puts them in a row, or you can stack which is the three bar image second to last this will stack the checked images to create a fun image.  You can also trash certain images or all images. You can also save all select to camera roll (if you have one image you like rather than stacking them).

Long ExpoPro (iphone)
Opens in shooting mode, top left, timer for shutter release incase you want to be in the photo, flash on and off, and the top right can change the camera direction.
Shutter speed (bottom left) ¼ to bulb, shutter is in the middle, right of shutter is modes for light level right bottom settings, size geotag auto save, volume user manual. 
Once you take the image page with 5 tabs on bottom, camera goes back to the camera if you don’t want to save image and start over (or after you have saved image to start over) motion  plays with the motion of the image, adjust (middle) play with brightness contrast and saturation (you can always do this in an editing app as well)edit is the most fun magic sharpener will allow you to selectively sharpen or reblur an image, photo editor allows you do a multitude of adjustments as well.  Export allows you to save to camera roll or as a project.
The one problem with this app is you have to close it after each photo and re open it, it freezes the camera for some reason.

Image Blender iphone ipad app
Fabulous app for making larger images.  Some of the apps output very small images, distressed fx is one of those apps.  After I finish with a photo from distressed fx, I put it into the image blender app.  To resize the image.  I take a square image on my camera (or an image the size and shape of the one I want to blend, blend two images of the same type square/rectangle) and load that into the left background square bottom left.  Then I add in my image I want to make bigger in the right and foreground image on the right.  Slide the slider 100% to the right so only the right image is visible and save.  In settings I top left three dots) save as largest image is on. You can also use this to blend two images together rather than using distressed fx.  You blend the two using the slider then with the pencil at the top left you can unmask parts as needed, the middle has blend modes you can play with and the plus allows you to move one or both images around.  Top right alls you to save image to various places.

Percolator ipad iphone app
Bottom left opens photo or takes photo. Middle coffee cup adjusts settings and the heart saves the image. You can change the settings and then click regrind to re do the photo.

Comic book ipad iphone app
Create bottom left lets you pick the comic strip with # of photos.  Click the mountain icon to add in photo to the slot (camera is take photo, mountain logo is the photo library also has facebook and flicker logos) once photo loads the fx at the top right of the photo allows you to add one of 11 comic types.  The second tab in create allows you to add in word bubbles to add text.  The last tab allows you to create a book, export the photo to library, email, facebook, twitter, instagram, print or help

Snapseed:iphone ipad app
Editing app
When using tune image the options will come up for brightness/contrast/saturation ect by sliding your finger up and down to access other options. 
When in a tools setting slide your finger left to right to decrease or increase the effect of your tool.

Photoshop express iphone ipad app
Editing app

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