Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Competition Changes for 2017-18 Season

The NHCC board met and here are some Competition Changes for 2017-18 Season

  1. The Creative/Image Artistry category will now also have a class B and a Class A
    • This means that we have the following categories
      • Open Class B 
      • Open Class A 
      • Monochrome Class B 
      • Monochrome Class A
      • Assigned Subject Class B 
      • Assigned Subject Class A
      • Creative Class B
      • Creative Class A
      • Critique (no score, no ribbons, anonymous image critique)
      • This means that each maker can enter 1-6 images each month
  2. Since we have four categories, the rules were clarified as to promotions. Promotions are category dependent. That is, the maker with the highest cumulative score (best of) in class B moves up to class A -- in that category
    • Therefore a maker could be in class A in some categories and in class in other categories. 
    • FYI, a maker can petition the board for a vote to move them up or down a class in a particular category, see the handbook as this is a rare and complex request. For example, you are in class B in 3 categories and class A in one category and want to be considered in class A in all 4 categories -- or you are in class A creative and for a few years you are always at the bottom of the cumulative score for creative and do not want to continue in class A creative. A scenario unlikely to receive an affirmative vote would be a class A maker that receives ribbons/awards and/or finishes near the top of class A that wants to move down to class B, that would likely be construed as unfair to the class B makers.   
  3. The print competition has only had participation of one or two people so it has been discontinued :-(

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