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End of Year Banquet and image Competition Monday June 12th

End of Year Banquet and image Competition Monday June 12th

Come to the final event of the New Haven Camera Club 2016-2017 season, our end of Year Banquet and image Competition. Banquet Monday June 12th

The deadline for NHCC EOY contest is Wednesday 6/7, but please do not wait until the last minute!

Enjoy good fellowship and the opportunity to see the best electronic photographs from this past season always make for a great evening. After dinner, awards will be given for this season’s high cumulative average in each class and the Everett Wilson Trophy for the most improved beginning photographer will be awarded. Then the Electronic Photograph competitions will be held. Any image (whether it won a ribbon or not) competed in the current season can be entered.

Did not keep track of your competition images and titles? The titles and scores are all online on our website. 

To enter EOY: Send an email with the subject "NHCC EOY Images" to Lisa and Paul at (cc us both)
in the body of the email please list the image title, months/contests entered and EOY image category in the body.

Include the specific contest you are entering (class B open, Class A open, Sibley-Nature, DiChello-sea/landscapes or Creative and (1) the title of the competed image, the month that the image was competed (Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr or May) and contest that the image was competed in (class A, B, assigned subject or creative). See example below.

To :;
From: Happy Photographer
Subject line: "NHCC EOY Images"

Enter into EOY sea/landscape category
1. Photography Bliss from March 2016 assigned
2. Photography Blue hour from Dec 2015 open

Enter into EOY nature
1. Happiness is... a bird from May 2016 open
2. Blue flowers hour from Nov 2015 creative

Enter into EOY monochrome
1. bird from May 2016 monochrome
2. Girl from Nov 2015 monochrome

Enter into EOY Creative
1. Flowers Abounding bird from Sept 2015 creative
2. planets from Nov 2015 creative

Enter into EOY class B (or A) Open
1. Flowers from Sept 2015 open
2. Eagle from Nov 2015 open
3. Asylum from Dec 2015 open
4. Baboon from Jan 2016 open

First, Second and Third will receive awards in prints, open, creative, nature, sea/landscape. In addition, Judges Choice awards will be given in class B and class A open.
  • The Jane Sibley Honor Award is presented to the best nature photograph selected by the judges in a separate electronic competition. Jane is a long time member of the club known for doing a variety of photography including nature.
  • The Joseph DiChello Award is presented to the best landscape or seascape photograph selected by the judges in a separate electronic competition. Joe was a long-time member of the club who was known for his excellent landscape photography.
Come and join the members of the New Haven Camera Club for the end of the year banquet. Come participate in the competition for the print of the year, electronic image of the year, the Joe Dichello Memorial Landscape/Seascape Award and the Jane Sibley Nature Honor Award. Three outside judges will select the winners!

Each member may submit up to 4 electronic images, as well as 2 additional electronic images for the image artistry competition, 2 electronic images for the monochrome category, 2 electronic images for the nature comp, and 2 electronic images for the landscape/seascape competition.

Annual Awards Competition

Eligibility: Open Category electronic photographs, Image Artistry electronic photographs, monochrome or Assignment electronic photographs entered in that year’s competitions are eligible as follows:
  1. Open Electronic Photograph - enter up to four images (from the monthly open competitions)
  2. Monochrome  - enter up to two images (from the monthly monochrome competitions)
  3. Image Artistry  - enter up to two images (from the monthly creative competitions)
  4. Joe Dichello Landscape/Seascape - enter up to two images (from any category)
  5. Jane Sibley Nature Competition - enter up to two images (from any category)
  6. Please note:
    1. Images must have been competed during the 15-16 season
    2. The image did not have to earn a ribbon in the monthly competition
    3. No duplicate images. Each photograph may be entered only once in an end of the year competition. If a photograph is entered in one of the Open category competitions it may not be entered in either the Joe Dichello Landscape/Seascape or the Jane Sibley Nature special competitions. If a photograph is entered in either the Joe Dichello or Jane Sibley special competition it may not be entered into the other special competition or one of the Open category competitions.

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