Saturday, January 7, 2017

Tom Brooks is presenting "Taking Better Photographs" Monday Jan 9th

Tom Brooks is presenting "Taking Better Photographs" Monday Jan 9th, usual 7pm time, usual place, Whitney Center Hamden

Bring your camera

This 90-minute program subject matter is principally directed toward less experienced club members who want to get a better handle on camera functions and how to capture better images.  More experienced photographers will also pick up some reminders from this talk that can be helpful to them, but the main thrust is to help the members who joined to get past taking snapshots. There is virtually no discussion about editing.  What I normally suggest is that inexperienced members bring their camera. Then experienced & inexperienced Canon people can sit together and Nikon experienced & inexperienced people can sit together.  That way, inexperienced members can get hands-on help from experienced members who understand that brand when a particular point about a camera mode is being made.

Tom will have a five-page handout which can be placed on the club website following the presentation if you are interested in doing that.

Tom Brooks

Wandering Brooks Photography
Tom is an award-winning photographer who started taking photographs with a diminutive non-adjustable box camera in the 1950’s to record events involving family and friends. Although Tom enjoys photo shoots that add his interpretation of famous subjects, he derives the most satisfaction from capturing and sharing images which have not been previously published in any form. His love of the outdoors and the time he has spent in remote locations is the thread which runs through much of his photography. Tom’s hope is that when someone views one of his images, they feel something. That feeling might be one of wanting to go where the photo was taken or a sense of nostalgia,
patriotism or happiness. If that happens, Tom feels that he has done his job

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