Monday, October 31, 2016

November 14th "Bird Photography: Insights and Inspiration" by Michael Milicia

November 14th "Bird Photography: Insights and Inspiration" by Michael Milicia

Michael Milicia is a gifted photographer and teacher. He will present a selection of bird images along with understandable commentary intended to inform, entertain and inspire. This program will be of interest to both general audiences and photographers of all abilities. Using example photos, Mike will demonstrate the importance of things like head angle, catch lights, in-camera composition, knowing your subject, and being proactive in the field.  There will also be a review of a few key camera settings that enable Mike to be more productive and get better results in the field along with a brief discussion of his in-field workflow and his general approach to setting exposure in various situations.  The goal is to provide some insight into the many different components that must come together to create a compelling bird photograph. 

This program is sponsored in part by Hunts Photo

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