Saturday, August 27, 2016

News from the NHCC Board

The NHCC board met this week and we wanted to update you as to some NEW things...

Remember that we are starting our meetings at 7pm 

Sept 12 "Places and Faces" by Bobbie Lane and "Taking unforgettable travel photographs" by Lee Varis 

Hunts Photo will be present for this event, come and purchase some photog gear, You can also pre-order items with Gary Farber ahead of time for them to bring down for you,

1. A new category is being added. Image Critique.

  • Members may enter one image each month into this category. 
  • Designed as non-competitive, learning environment (no score, no awards, just feedback). 
  • Non-threatnening, no stakes, anonymous. 
  • The feedback should provide information to help everyone improve their images. 
  • The goal is feedback, so you can try out a new technique or submit an image that needs some work or isn't quite right. 
  • The objective is not necessarily to enter your best photo and hear "great photo" but to enter an image that you want to improve or learn how to make it better. 
  • Images entered into this group can be edited and entered into competition next year, so you could really tweak these 8 images and then submit them next year, or just enter and learn from the feedback. 
  • FYI, You can still place a C at the end of any one image entered into our regular competitions, but we do not always have time to get critiques on all of those. 
  • Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, participants can expect to improve their photography and their post processing skills, 
  • We are starting at 7pm so that we have time for more image critique, and for our short break between the categories and the open competition. 

2. The Monochrome competition has been divided into class A and B.

3. The Assigned subject competition has been divided into class A and B.

4. The handbook is being updated to reflect the changes in the competitions and addition of the new image critique category.

5. Joan is looking for ideas of what people would like for workshops

6. The field trip committee is looking for ideas of what people would like for workshops. There are a few people on the field trips committee (Jan, Art, Ann, Linda, Pat, etc.) so talk to any of them or email Jan

7. If you come across a photographer in your travels thru CT, and even surrounding areas, that you think delivers good feedback please keep a look out for judges. We traditionally use local CT judges, but for a judge coming from NY or MA we could pay a $25 travel stipend. please email or talk to Paul with suggestions for judges

8. Paul is currently the judging chair, he is looking to bring someone on by January so that they can shadow him and learn how to go about getting judges for the 8 annual and one end of year competition. please talk to paul or email him if you are interested

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