Tuesday, June 14, 2016

EOY Winning Images

Image of the Year: Ambilobe Chameleon Bug zapper by Tom Cuchara


1st: Boatsmith At Mystic Seaport by David Liang

2nd: Woodpecker On Log by Alice Liang

3rd: Great Horned Owl by Denise Saldana

1st: Night Scene by Barbara Vietzke

2nd: Penitentiary by Lisa Cuchara

3rd: Paul Peterson_Tufted Trio by Paul Peterson

1st: yum by Lisa Cuchara

2nd: tiger legged frog by Lisa Cuchara

3rd: Robin Plays Berry by David Liang

1st: Dawn on Lake Winnipesaukee by Joan Balen

2nd: Early Morning At Death Valley by Harold Sisken

3rd: First Blush of Daylight by Carol Kurwelnz

 Class B
1st: I Am Harmless by Ann Jacques

2nd: Orange Day Lily by Mary Ellen ODonnell

3rd: Shaving Brush Tree by James Dionne

Judge's Choice (Mark)
Aint she Grand by Beverley Byer

Judge's Choice (Mike)
Bee on Coneflower by Carol Kurwelnz

Judge's Choice (Richard)
The One That Got Away by Colleen Reilly

Class A
1st: Ambilobe Chameleon Bug zapper by Tom Cuchara

2nd: Bluebird has Berry Number 2 by Alice Liang

3rd: Have a Great Summer Folks by Barbara Vietzke

Judge's Choice (Mark): Alone On The Range by Art Yost

Judge's Choice (Mike): In the Garden by Barbara Vietzke

Judge's Choice (Richard): Milky way over barn by Lisa Cuchara

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