Wednesday, March 23, 2016



On April 18 at 7PM, our own Paul Peterson will be leading a workshop on various tips and techniques, using Photoshop Elements, to get you on the road to enhancing your images.

This workshop is aimed at introducing beginners to various forms of post processing. This is really an opportunity to get up to speed on learning the vocabulary of  some of the tools in software such as Photoshop Elements, and various other ways of very easily enhancing your images to bring them to the next level. This workshop is designed for those of you who have been reluctant to attend this kind of workshop because you’re afraid it will be way over your head. This workshop will definitely not be, and you can feel free to ask any and all questions. No one can become an expert in Photoshop in a few hours, but this will be a stepping stone, giving you some simple ways to enhance your images.

The workshop is open to the first eight people who sign up. To sign up, please email Joan at, and include your phone number. Workshops are free, but you must be a current NHCC member to attend. The location will be shared with those who sign up.

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