Wednesday, February 10, 2016


The NHCC board met last week and several changes resulted from the meeting: 
  • New, as of February 2016. Optional. Each maker may place a "C" at the end of ONE image entered into each monthly competition to indicate that the maker desires a critique for that image (one image per month per maker only, i.e. choose any one image in any one category, class A, class B, assigned, monochrome, image artistry, etc.). For example, if you enter five photographs in ALL four categories you may choose ONEW image for a critique. You do to have to choose any image for critique if you do not desire one or will not be present at the competition to receive one.
  • As of September 2016 NHCC will be meeting at 7:00 pm (a new start time, earlier than our current 7:30 start time). This change is for three reasons: (1) to allow more image commentary (like the critiques described in the paragraph above, everyone should be able to get a critique on one photograph and perhaps after this change September there will also be more time so that the judges could also comment about the strengths of the first place images and why they won), (2) to encourage more people to stay until the end of competition, and (3) to allow for a more interactive social break between the first two competitions (Monochrome and creative) and then prints, followed by class B, class A and assigned subject. 
  • Currently: All aspects of the image must be taken by the photographer [Clipart, Textures, plugins with textures, etc. are NOT permitted].  
    • NEW As of September 2016 this rule will be modified as follows: in the creative/image artistry category (ONLY) "anything goes", meaning that you will be able to use plugins with textures, purchased textures, purchased photographs, etc. as long as the main component of the photograph was taken by the photographer. The existing rule ("All aspects of the image must be taken by the photographer (clipart, Textures, plugins with textures, etc. are NOT permitted]") will still apply to ALL other categories except the creative/image artistry category.
  • Reminders:
    • Setups are ONLY allowed in Class B. A setup 
    • Please note that the electronic image assigned subject competition is in addition to the regular OPEN subject (anything goes) monthly competition.
    • Please refer to the NHCC handbook for questions, please download it and read it, it is your responsibility to know the rules. The New Haven Camera Club expects that its membership will adhere to the highest ethical standards when complying with its competition rules. It is especially important that all photographs entered into competitions be the exclusive work of the maker (except for commercially made prints or digital photographs scanned from a slide original allowed by the rules).

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