Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"Image Critique" program has been rescheduled for Monday 2/29

The Feb 8th, twice cancelled "Image Critique" program has been rescheduled for Monday 2/29, again in the Commons Room.

Please note that there is another group that has a dibs on this night. They have a recital on Feb 27th, and their snow date is 2/29. So there is a possibility that this particular event will be postponed one more time, keep viewing the NHCC blog for updates. Whitney will let us know if their event goes on as planned on the 27th, in which case will can have our event on the 29th, or if we need to change again. Stay tuned!

And a reminder, on the day of weather events and changes and cancellations we post to the Blog early so you can physically go check the Blog. If you subscribe and mainly read the blog from the Feedburner delivered emails your notification will be later than if you actually go to the NHCC Blog at

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