Saturday, March 28, 2015

NHCC March 30th presentation 7:30pm "Complex Simplicity" by Arthur Ransome

NHCC March 30th presentation 7:30pm
(Note room: 6th floor Common, not the usual CAC)

"Complex Simplicity" by Arthur Ransome

Complex Simplicity presentation.

The role of the photographer is to distill the complex scene in front of them to one of simplicity that recreates the vision and emotional experience. Black and White photography removes the distraction of color if it is not an important part of the story being told. In this presentation we will peek into the technical and emotional "toolboxes"  available to the photographer to recreate vision and emotion in the images we create in our attempt to emphasize the story we want to tell.

March 30th Complex Simplicity presentation by Arthur Ransome (Note room: 6th floor Common)

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