Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Suggestion box

Suggestion box

NHCC has a Suggestion box located on the back table.

A few of us read the suggestions in the suggestion box last night. Ironically one of the suggestions was to "seek advice from the members" -- but there was no advice on the card. Please note that this is a suggestion box, meaning that you have an idea that would improve NHCC, it is not a complaint box. If you have an idea or would like to be part of a solution we would love to hear from you.

NHCC is a member club, we have no paid officers and everyone works very hard to make the club functions happen. Members suggestions and opinions are valued. While not every individual suggestion can be implemented (for example, someone wanted to view 4x5 slides, someone else wanted to prohibit a certain subject matter, someone wanted judges comments on every image [the meeting wold not end before midnight)]), but when there is a common thread for a suggestion the idea is discussed as to its merit and how to best implement it.

Two recent changes made to NHCC were from the majority of members. one was to make the holiday slideshows non-competitive so that all members can present a slideshow at the holiday party. Another was to have a larger, more discriminating point system for the monthly scoring so now we have half points. Another "back by popular demand" program will be Octobers image critique which is being offered again by popular request after its debut last season. Please send Paul Peterson images for inclusion in the October program. NHCC members also vote at the end of the season to decide upon the 8 assigned subjects for the next competition season.

New members, please complete the members spotlight so that everyone can get to know you. and remember the best way to get to learn more about photography and get to know fellow NHCC members is to attend the workshops and field trips that the NHCC sponsors. 

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