Sunday, September 21, 2014

First competition 9/29 -- the Deadline is 9/26

First competition 9/29 -- the Deadline is 9/26 

Upload here:

Instructions for uploading competition images. Please take a look at the short summary here, but before you enter for the first time please see the handbookWe look forward to seeing your images!

Each month we have the following image competitions:

(1) Prints (must be turned in by 7:15). Two classes: Class A (advanced level) and Class B (entry level, top scorer gets promoted to A at end of year)

(2) Electronic OPEN subject (sent in via website prior to deadline). Two classes: Class A (advanced level) and Class B (entry level, top scorer gets promoted to A at end of year)

(3) Assigned subject(sent in via website prior to deadline) see topics

(4) Image Artistry category (sent in via website prior to deadline). 


  • Only two "setups" are allowed per season (a setup is when someone else provided the lighting, like a at a workshop or HiJinx or at NECCC. Setups must be noted as such. 
  • All aspects of the image must be taken by the photographer (clipart, textures, etc. are not permitted).
  • Images of a similar nature may  not be submitted once that image has won a ribbon.
  • The winning same image (or a very similar rendition) may not be submitted into a different competition 
  • Please note that there are NO  makeups (in electronic images only) any more and no way to email images late if you have problems so we urge you not to wait until the last minute.
For new users there is a one time registration. You can view and save the pdf with the instructions for uploading images into competition. 

For more information read the blog post here. Please email Denise if you have questions/issues. 

Note that this system does not email you anything, but you can tell that you photo(s) has/have been submitted because now you can see the title(s) in the middle screen. First of all when you click "save picture and info" you see the message "saving photo" but after your photo has been successfully submitted you see it listed in the middle of the screen.

If you are using Chrome try the SECOND method, method one has not been working...

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