Sunday, January 12, 2014


The New Haven Camera Club is made up of all volunteers, and they work very hard for this hobby of ours. A big thank you to Joan Balen and Barbara Vietzke for their efforts in maintaining and re-organizing the name tags!


In order to make it a bit easier for you to find your name tags at Camera Club meetings, we are trying a new system. 

We now have TWO filing boxes and the names are listed alphabetically, by your surname. One box contains names from A-L, and the other from M-Z. You only need to find your last initial, and your name tag will be right there!

At the end of the meeting, when you return your name tag, we request that you wind the cord a few times around your finger and gently tuck it inside the plastic holder BEHIND you name, and then return it to the file box behind the appropriate initial. This will be a tremendous help, as the cords were getting hopelessly tangled after each meeting.

We hope this helps you in finding your name tags quickly, and helps us deal with the tangling issue.

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