Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cynthia Perdigao's Flower program Monday 10/14

Macro Flower Photography: Seeing Inspiration and Creating Intent in Your Photography 

Photographers will learn how to be intentional in their photography and how to resonate with the viewer. The viewer should be drawn in and actually feel the story and emotion the photographer is attempting to convey. By learning to “see” the essence of a scene (the thing that drew them to photograph it) before pressing the shutter, photographers will create a better image. The goal of this “intentional photography” is to convey an emotion and not simply capture a nicely exposed flower or macro scene. Cinde will show inexpensive set-ups that attendees can use at home for flower and other types of macro photography. She will also demonstrate how, as a disabled photographer, she has learned simple set-ups, which she uses in her “kitchen studio”, that allow her to create emotional images - setups and methods that lend themselves to any photographer working at home. Cinde will also discuss how to take these skills and apply them in the field and to larger scenes, going beyond conventional photographic rules and encompassing true intent. 

About Cinde...
I have a very deep love for flower photography and other macro photography. My macro lenses almost never leave my camera and I can be found belly down in a garden or meadow or beach. Great subjects are everywhere and will reveal themselves if you are, not only seeing and looking, but also feeling. Seeing is a deliberate act. Feeling is an inherent reaction that we as photographers can reframe for the viewer. Contact here at and view her work:

She is also a Freelance Photographer at Tri Town Transcript-Gatehouse Media. In July she spoke at the 68th Annual New England Camera Club Council Conference in Amherst, MA (sponsored by Nikon). 

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