Monday, August 5, 2013

Les Campbell's 88th birthday

Les Campbell will be celebrating his 88th birthday on Thursday, August 15th.  Many NHCC members have made memorable trips up to Les's home – Sky Meadow – over the years, and have enjoyed Les's land; his slide presentations; and his hospitality.  The last few tough winters and summer storms have made it difficult for Les to keep Sky Meadow the showcase he always wanted people to see and enjoy so the club has not had a field trip up to Sky Meadow in recent years.  Additionally, Les has also had some equipment problems and mowing his fields had become more and more difficult, but Les still perseveres and continues to work on various projections, mostly about the local Quabbin Reservoir area.
Since so many NHCC members have enjoyed the field trips to Sky Meadow over the years, often getting their first photographs of hummingbirds by using Les's flash set up, or made images of the swallows, dragonflies, or frogs by the pond, or taken still life images by the barns, I think it would be wonderful if as many members as possible sent Les a birthday card this year to let him know how much we want to thank him and to let him know we have not forgotten him.  Since Les probably would not know you by name, perhaps after signing the card you might write "New Haven Camera Club" under your signature so Les will know it came from us.  If you are interested in sending a birthday card to Les, his address is:
                Mr. Les Campbell
                PO Box 1065   
                Belchertown, MA   01007-1065
Again – Les's birthday is on Thursday, August 15, 2013.

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