Tuesday, April 9, 2013

PSA Open Competition results

I have received the results of the latest (3rd) PSA Interclub PID (Projected Image Division – Open) competition and while PSA has not yet posted the cumulative scores through all three competitions, I have added our latest score to our second round cumulative score, and then did the same for the 5 clubs closest in scores to us.  We were in First Place after the first two competitions, and if my math is correct, we remain in First Place after the third competition!  I believe that when the cumulative scores are updated by PSA to reflect the three competitions held so far, we will be in First Place and ahead of the Second Place club – Paisley Colour Photo Club of the UK – by 6 points, and even more points ahead of clubs from Belgium, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Canada.  We had one image score an HM, and that was an image of Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, by Vic Krasenics, but almost all our other images finished with very good scores, while many of the other clubs receive both high and low scores on their images and that kept them from catching up to our club.  Images from other New Haven Camera Club makers in this competition were from Susan Naumann, Joan Balen, Denise Saldana, Lisa Cuchara, and Tom Cuchara.  There is one final competition in this PSA division and the images are due NLT May 1, 2013, so we may not have the competition results until late May or early June, but I will advise the club members through this blog of how we faired overall when the last competition is completed and the scores are tabulated.  Hopefully, we will finish the 2012 – 2013 competition year in First Place in the PSA Projected Image Division for our Group.

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