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2013 Glennie Club Results

To the members of the New Haven Camera Club -
Attached is information concerning the results of the 33rd annual George W. Glennie Memorial Nature Salon, sponsored by the Merrimack Valley Camera Club.  While the New Haven Camera Club did not finish in the top 5 clubs, we did finish very high in the standings.  As you can see from the chart below, images were received from 32 clubs from 7 foreign countries, and from 59 clubs from 32 states in the USA – 91 clubs in all.  This is a MAJOR nature competition!
If you click on the attached PDF. file above, you will see the scores for the various clubs and can see that the NHCC just missed finishing as one of the Top 5 by one point.  Our 10 images averaged a score of 25.3 points – not too shabby!! – so our total score was 253 points.  The club taking First Place was the Greater Lynn (MA) Photographic Association with a total score of 261 points; Boston West (MA) Photographic Society took Second Place with a total of 259 points; there was a two way tie by two clubs from Ontario, Canada, at 255 points (that counts as 3rd and 4th places); three clubs tied at 254 points (for 5th, 6th, and 7th places); and we tied with a camera club from Australia at 253 points for 8th place.  All in all, I think the New Haven Camera Club did quite well and one member – Lisa Cuchara – took an award for the Best Amphibian image in the program.  Of the 10 images we submitted, 8 were accepted into the final program (approximately only 1/3 of all the images make it into the final program so as a club, we had a much higher than average acceptance rate).  When ribbons are received, we will present them to the NHCC members whose images were accepted into the program.
As is their practice, the Merrimack Valley CC will make a video of the accepted images available.  As we did with the previous Glennie program, we will download this program for presentation to the club at a future date.

George W. Glennie Memorial Nature Salon Results:
March 16, 2013


The judging for the thirty-third (33rd) George W. Glennie Memorial Nature Salon was conducted on March 16 at the Greater Lynn Photographic Association's club house. The judges for this year's salon were Jake Mosser, Art Vaughan, and Mike McNeill. It was a challenging competition with 900 images from clubs around the world. We had clubs representing the following 7 countries & 21 U.S. states (totals in parenthesis):
International (32)
United States (59)
Australia (16)
California (2)
Maryland (3)
Pennsylvania (3)
Canada (8)
Colorado (1)
Massachusetts (14)
Rhode Island (1)
England (4)
Connecticut (6)
Michigan (2)
South Carolina (1)
New Zealand (2)
Florida (3)
Montana (1)
Virginia (2)
South Africa (1)
Illinois (2)
New Hampshire (4)
Washington (1)
Zimbabwe (1)
Iowa (1)
New Jersey (1)
West Virginia (1)

Maine (1)
New York (6)
Wisconsin (1)
Judging was challenging due the number of high quality images submitted across a wide range of categories. The totals for each category follow:
Other Categories
Amphibians (21)
Mammals (136)
Botany (68)
Birds (334)
Marine & Freshwater Life (49)
Landscapes (148)
Invertebrates (101)
Reptiles (43)

Club Competition
Awards are given to the top five clubs based upon cumulative points for their submission (up to 10 images).  The scores were quite close with seven points separating the top six clubs.

Following are the top club standings and top awards summary for the competition.
Total Points
Club Location
Greater Lynn Photographic Association MA, USA
Boston West Photographic Society MA, USA
Richmond Hill Camera Club Ontario, CAN
Toronto Camera Club Ontario, CAN
North Bethesda Camera Club MD, USA
Quad City Photography Club IL, USA
Merrimack Valley Camera Club MA, USA

Diversity Award

While "Fur & Feathers" are always strong contenders in a nature competition, the Glennie Salon has a long tradition of recognizing some of the other animal families, botany and landscapes.  In that spirit the Diversity Award recognizes clubs based upon their top scoring images from six of the eight Glennie Categories.  For the second year in a row the Diversity Award winner was the Toronto Camera Club.  They proved that not only do they take good images (placing third overall), but are also diverse in what they photograph.
Toronto Camera Club
Toronto, Ontario,

Greater Lynn Photographic Association
Lynn, Massachusetts, United States
Cranbury digital Camera Club
Cranbury, New Jersey,
United States

The Photography Club of Lower Fairfield County
Stamford, Connecticut,
United States

4 (Tie)
Gaithersburg Camera Club
Gaithersburg, Maryland,
United States
4 (Tie)
Photographic Society of Rhode Island
Warwick, Rhode Island,
United States
4 (Tie)
Poulton le Fylde Photo Society
Poulton-le-Fylde, England
4 (Tie)
Photo Adventures Camera Club Port Charlotter, Florida,
United States
151 4 (Tie)

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