Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mini Show Competition

Mini Show Competition

Each year the NHCC holds a Mini Show Competition at the holiday party in December for digital slides and video projected using a computer connected to an electronic projector. Any paid member is welcome to participate. The shows may be on any topic: travel, nature, humor, etc. Each show may contain any number photographs, with or without narration, with or without music, but must be no longer than 5 minutes

Members planning to present a show send the slideshow to Lisa (or drop off a CD) so that they can plan for the evening and prepare ballots for the voting. You can use the free to email large files. 

For those of you attending the holiday party please note that slideshows for out annual mini digital competition (5 minute max on any subject after dinner) are due to Lisa by December 8th.

The members in attendance vote on their favorite show. The winner in each category receives a Ruth Sprague Memorial Award. These awards honor the memory of the late Ruth Sprague, a longtime club member.

1)     The member providing the group computer will make a “best effort” attempt to run the show, though there may be cases where this is not possible.
2)     The show format must be one that the computer being provided can handle. Shows in the .exe format (from Pro Show gold on Windows) are normally the simplest to handle. However, it may be possible to project shows in other formats depending on the capabilities of the computer being provided. 
3)     Shows to be displayed using the group computer must be given to the member providing the computer at or before the deadline so that the member providing the computer has an opportunity to be sure the shows will run properly before the competition night. 
4)     The show files (or directory containing multiple files if more than one required) should be named as follows: LastName-FirstName-Title, for example “Barnett-William-Bridges of Somerset County”. This will allow the shows to be copied to a single directory for projection and be easily identified. 

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