Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fw: Upload Site Ready for Fall NECCC Interclub Entries

Lisa -
Here this is again, just in case this did not go through via my iPhone and perhaps we need to send it out to our members via the NHCC blog since Bill is pointing something out about all elements in an image having to be made by th person entering the image (second paragraph).
Sent: Friday, October 05, 2012 3:27 PM
Subject: Upload Site Ready for Fall NECCC Interclub Entries
Dear Club Reps,

The upload site for the NECCC Electronic Interclub Competition is now open to receive entries for the
Fall 2012 competition. The closing date for receipt of entries is Friday, October 26, 2012. As usual I suggest you get your entries in early in case there are problems. This is especially important for the Fall competition because I have just edited the site's master control table which involved a large number of changes in rep names and e-mail addresses. If I made even a small error in the entry for your club things may not work properly. If you have problems simply e-mail me and I will check it out. I have attached a copy of the Instructions-Web-based Entry System in case you are new to this job or need a reminder on how things work.

I would like to add one additional reminder. Rule 17 involving the creation of composite pictorial images (copy of rules attached) requires that all elements of all entries must be the exclusive work of the competitor. I have seen a number of advertisements recently for packages of frames, textures, and skies as well as seminar instructors who promise to provide CDs containing these items as part of their courses. While use of these products is fine for personal work and may even be allowed as part of an entry in your club, they are not permitted in the NECCC interclub competition. All elements of a photograph submitted must be photographed or created by the photographer. Composites with textures are fine as long as the photographer captured the texture, but not when part of a commercial package. The same for frames or skies. Please remind your members of this rule.


Best regards,


William B. Barnett, AFIAP, MNEC, MPSA
66 Jasmine Circle
Milford, CT  06461-1788

Co-Director, NECCC Electronic Interclub Competition
Phone/Fax: (203) 877-1639

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