Thursday, September 6, 2012

Join us Monday Sept 10th for our first program of the 2012-13 season!

Join us Monday Sept 10th as our 2012-13 season begins!

Roman Kurycwzak's program on Macro Photography will open our season. 

Hunts Photo is sponsoring this event! so they will have a flyer with specials. Please call Hunts if you have any special orders: 1-800-221-1830.

Come at 7:15, meeting starts at 7:30pm
We meet at the Bethesda Lutheran Church (450 Whitney Ave. New Haven, CT).

Roman Kurycwzak from Roamin' with Roman Photo Tours is an award winning photographer conducting local, national and international instructional photography workshops and Photo Tours. 

"My name is Roman Kurywczak and I have a passion for photography. Originally a graphic art major, I combined my love of hiking and travel with photography. Even though the art major never materialize, the interest in photography never waned. Over the last twenty five years I have been able to share that love with my wife Pura and two sons, Gregory and Ian. Primarily a landscape photographer at the beginning of my career, I have continually expanded my photography pallet by branching out into the world of macro work, birds, animals, and most recently HDR photography. Maybe the only thing better than taking great pictures, is sharing the experience with others."

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