Saturday, August 25, 2012

Summer Photo Competition Trial Run!

IMPORTANT -- There is a New Competition Entry System!! and we want YOU to TRY it NOW before the first actual image competition of the 12-13 season. 

We have a new competition software system!
Wahoo! no more dollar signs! no more underscores! no more resizing images!

You can save the pdf with the instructions for uploading images into competition  

** There is a one time registration with the Photo Contest Pro system in order to be able to upload your images for competition. **

Please note that there is a link to an  alternative upload page just, use this link if your browser does not like the main upload page. 

We need YOU to upload your MAY images (the ones that were competed on 5-14-12) to our new software. If you did not compete an image this past May then just submit an older image or an image that you will not be submitting this season. 

The Deadline is Saturday Sept 1st. 
Please take and upload the same image that you competed (the system will close on Saturday at noon so please, please get your images in). 

You have this chance to learn the new system and practice and Denise and Ann will use these images to run a "mock" competition this summer and become familiar with the new software.

Denise and Ann have entered all of your names and email addressed into the system. You will have a chance to try it out NOW before we go LIVE with this software for September's competition. 

Awesome Joan has written instructions -- the program is simple and intuitive but she laid it all out for you!

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