Thursday, August 2, 2012

Coming in October -- Lightroom workshops!

Lightroom presentations by Bill Barnett, please see Joan to sign up.

You may sign up for one or both (but there will be an overview in the first session that will not be repeated in the second session).

Organizing your Images with Lightroom -- Tuesday Oct 16th 7pm

Organizing your Images with Lightroom will begin with an overview of the software. It will then discuss the problems faced by many photographers with their disorganized image collections including difficult to find images, multiple copies of images, and lost images.

This will be followed by a general presentation of the goals and approaches to good digital asset
management (DAM) and the role that the Library Module of Lightroom can play in implementing a good plan. The discussion will include ways to: organize your image files, rename your image files, add key words to help you find images, designate superior images, and organize images for projects. The very important subject of image collection backup will conclude the DAM part of the lecture. The lecture will conclude with a demonstration showing how easy it is to copy images from camera memory cards to the computer, import them into Lightroom, rename them, and begin the sorting process.

Refining Your Images with Lightroom -- Tuesday Oct 23rd 7pm

Refining Your Images with Lightroom will begin with an overview of the software. It will then discuss the advantages of carefully refining or perfecting your images after capture. The advantages of raw capture and the use of the Develop Module in Lightroom to refine or perfect your images will be presented. The problems with light, particularly for the travel photographer who has to creatively use the light that happens to be present when he/she arrives at an interesting location will be discussed along with ways that less than perfect images can be significantly improved.

The lecture will conclude with a series of demonstrations showing how easy it is to refine a series of images with a variety of different problems into great images using the Develop Module of Lightroom. For many photographers Lightroom is all they software they will ever need unless they are interested in creating altered reality or creative images.

Sign up sheets will be available at NHCC meetings, or you may sign up by emailing Joan at Please include your name, phone # and email address.
Please indicate if you would like to sign up for the first session, the second session, or both.
Directions to the workshop location will be sent to those who signed up about a week before each workshop session. 

NHCC workshops are free, but you must be an NHCC member to attend. 

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