Saturday, June 9, 2012

May results for EID Interclub

Here are the results of the final PSA Electronic Imaging Division competition (open competition) for this season.  Thanks again to all whose images we used to represent the New Haven Camera Club.  In this competition, Victor Krasenics received an Honorable Mention for his "Oak Alley" picture.  Nice work, Vic! 
You can see the winning images (right now by name, score, and club – actual images to follow) in the first attachment; our New Haven CC scores in the second attachment; and the final total scores and placement of the clubs in the last attachment.  Although the organization is called the Photographic Society of AMERICA, you can see that there are clubs from around the world involved and I believe this competition was judged electronically by a club in Poland.
Hopefully, we will do better in Open competition next season.
Gary Prestash
From: Bob Benson
Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2012 9:26 PM
Subject: May results for EID Interclub
EID Results for Group 1, May 2012

The last competition of the 2011-12 season has been completed. Thanks to Fotoferia Club for hosting the May competition. I have included the results and the final standings. Congratulations to the three top clubs for this season:
Fotoferia Club
Impact Group
Grupo Fotografico Parque

Winning ribbons will be in the mail shortly, and I would expect the winning images will be posted on the PSA site very soon.

I am looking for clubs that may be interested in hosting one of the months for next season (provided that PSA has decided not to consolidate this competition out of existence).
Please contact me if you spot any errors.
Have a great summer (winter, south of the equator) shooting images!

Bob Benson
Chair, EID Interclub Competition.

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